Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Coffee Crisis Continues

Ok, so I know it may sound like I'm obsessing over coffee a little bit (or a lot), but this has turned hysterical. So, I told you in last night's blog how we went to Fresh Market and loaded up on fresh ground coffee... I slept so soundly knowing that I was going to wake up to my favorite form of caffeine.

(Blog break: my mom just ran in here to tell me she snuck two rice cakes in her bag so we can have them for our afternoon snack with a banana. They take them up after the 10:30 snack. Haha! Funny considering I'm writing about out coffee smuggling. We're such rebels!)

Ok, back to the coffee situation. About 6:30 am my mom came in my room and said: "Houston, we have a problem." I thought surely it couldn't be about coffee, I know we remembered filters! I know we have running water! Don't we!!?? Well, the coffee pot is broken!!! All it does is leak all over the place!!

Someone is going to die.

Frenzy set in. Then: whew! We found another pot.

Fail. It doesn't drip! Good God.

We can do this. Somehow we WILL get A cup of coffee out of these two shitty coffeemakers. A little rigging the second one up and we finally managed to make a couple cups.

We broke down this morning and told the front desk to get us a coffee pot. The shame was inevitable, but the other campers will be thankful, I promise :)

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  1. I always love your blog, but this week's posts are great! I literally just laughed out loud at this coffee post! :)
    Hope the rest of the week is great! Y'all are rockstars!!!