Monday, August 11, 2014

Be Good to yourself

As I gaze at the gulf, I'm taken back to this time a couple years ago. I was on my annual week-long August beach vacay and couldn't enjoy any of it because I was dreading going back to a job I was so miserable at. I tried so hard to rest my mind, but my thoughts continued to race about a boss that was ridiculous and mean. I was wishing I hadn't even come because the going back was so hard. I was getting nasty calls, emails, and texts the whole time I was down here, demanding an answer immediately. I was so unhappy. And now, I am actually looking forward to seeing my bosses and co-workers when I get back. I actually miss work. For those of us who value our careers, it is so important to do what you love, and love those who build you up and help you grow. I encourage anyone who is unhappy to take a leap of faith. It will change your life. It's this leap that has helped me find myself again, lose weight, and have a great quality of life. There is no sense in holding on to a fixable problem. In fact, it's ridiculous and mean to do that to you.