Wednesday, February 29, 2012

7 Grain Tabbouleh Salad

Yummy! 7 Grain Tabbouleh Salad: I used Kashi 7 grain nuggets (2 cups) mixed with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, half a cup of chopped parsley, tablespoon of garlic, 1 cup chopped red bell pepper, one cup chopped tomato, lemon juice, pepper, creole seasoning, and... I think that's it! I mixed all the ingredients with a little bit of water, covered and chilled! Delish.


Day two of Great Lent left me very hangry (hungry + angry) all day at work yesterday that I ended up slipping last night. I had a drink after work with a friend who was in town. I was hungry when I got there, but he had already eaten so I didn't want to eat in front of him alone. So what happened? I got a chicken sandwich with fries on my way home! I was so mad at myself, still am. I did so well all day! I did yoga, ate really well, then went and blew it. Moving on- I loved yesterday's Rachael Ray episode. They honored the Mayor of Oklahoma City and 10 residents for participating in their million pound challange. She gave them all these awesome makeovers. It motivated me so much! I started my day off with such a great outlook, then I slipped at the end. I'm just not sure what I could have done differently. I drank plenty of water and I ate enough during the day I honestly shouldn't have even been hungry when I got off work. Today I'm going to double my H2O. One of Rachael Ray's makeover people said a common theme with the OK City folks was that they have spent so many years picking out their wardrobe based on what they "can" wear instead of what they want to wear. This is totally me! I love fashion and people compliment my style all the time, but it kills me to shop. I hate having to shop in plus size! When I look at shirts I constantly have to make sure they're long enough, not too low cut, doesn't show too much arms, etc... I used to hang up all these clothes that are too small for me as motivation but it only depressed me. What cues do you have in your house that keep you motivated? I have a post-it note on my microwave that says "you have to start somewhere."

Monday, February 27, 2012

Great Lent

I am Greek orthodox, so today is the start to my Great Lent. Today is called "Clean Monday," which means from now until Pascha (Easter) I have to follow a strict vegan diet. No animal derived products for me! It is really hard, because I love me some cheese! Luckily there are plenty of delicious vegan friendly foods out there that I don't miss it too much. I have to watch my sodium though. I did pretty good this weekend with my food. I didn't exercise though. I'm going to have to kill it this week. Friday I went to lunch with a friend at Chuy's. I love Mexican food. I did good though and just ordered a grilled chicken salad. It didn't even have the shell! I was so proud of my self! :) My best friend Amy told me she could see a difference in my body, so that was encouraging! What kind of vegan foods do you enjoy?

Monday, February 20, 2012

"The Game ain't Over 'till it's Over!"

This quote is from the great Yogi Berra. This past week has been really hard for me. I haven't exercised like I should and I ate really poorly this weekend. I went to a former co-worker's house for a Mardi Gras party and ran into
some folks I haven't seen in a few months. It seemed like every single one of them reads my blog and they all had such encouraging things to say. One of the guys told me he lost a lot of weight by giving up sugar. He says what he found most interesting is that when you give up sugar it's smell no longer is attractive. He claims it actually smells pretty bad. We discussed how grocery stores put their fresh baked goods right up front when you first walk in so you'll pile them in your cart. There for a while he hated going in grocery stores because the smell bothered him so much. Why is it that while we are consuming bad things for us, i.e. sugar, it is appealing, but when we decide to get rid of it, our body sends us signals to keep it out? I was running late the other morning and I needed some breakfast. I stopped at Burger King and surprisingly the most appealing thing on the menu was the oatmeal with fruit. Our bodies are amazing in how they communicate with our mind. Last night I went to Dave & Busters with a good friend of mine. If you don't know what that is, you're missing out! It's a huge bar with arcade games, bowling, pool, food, etc. It's basically an adult Chuck E. Cheese :) As we were walking around trying to figure out which games to play, it occurred to me that I only like playing games where I'm competing solo. I love skeeball, the moving hoop basketball game, etc... I looked through the game apps on my phone and survey says: they're all games that require me to beat the system. That unblock me app is the jam. I could play that all day! So, this got me thinking about the weight loss game I'm playing with myself. How often have you seen me call beating a craving a "win?" So, if cravings and deciding not to exercise are the system, then I need to step my game up! This past week
was conquered by the system for sure. But not this week! The game ain't over yet!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

My heart healthy valentine's day breakfast. I did p90x this morning (chest, balance,power,abs). I ate way too much v-day candy and pizza at work, but did drink my whole bubba keg of water! Tomorrow I'll have to make up for it with an extra workout!

Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaaack!!

I win first place in the weekend challenge this past weekend! Amy picked me up Saturday morning at 9:30 am and we ran the Capitol steps in the snow. Yes---the SNOW! Then we did Zumba with Cassie for an hour. I ate really healthy all day and didn't drink at all. My foot was killing me though. Sunday I didn't exercise because I was so sore, but I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking for the week. I ate super healthy all day. I got up this morning and decided to give P90x a try since I haven't been able to do it for two weeks. I did it! for over an hour!! I'm back:
This is me mid- lunge something. There were a few positions that hurt my foot, but overall it was a success!!! And it felt so good, too! I've eaten really well so far today (except for the Valentine's candy that keeps getting piled on my desk) and I even did 30 minutes of elliptical on my dinner break! Oh! The best part- I weighed this morning and I've lost 3 pounds! I actually gained two pounds over my b-day weekend, so I've had to get rid of those and I did! Plus one more :) Yesterday I cooked the most amazing concoction in my crock pot. It was just frozen chicken tenders, frozen corn, brown rice, cumin, chili seasoning and water. It is so good! And healthy! I will be eating that all week.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Nyctophobia: Severe fear of the darkness(wikipedia). There's something that lurks in the darkness waiting to get grab me against my will. Every night I scream no! But it wins. Sometimes I can fight it off, but I know it will be back the next night with a vengeance...watching, waiting, creeping...I dread the darkness all day long and have to scheme how to protect myself against this monster. What is this terrifying creature of the dark? Late night cravings!! Sounds silly, I know, but it is scary to me. It is scary to me when I can't resist my urges to binge. I am slowly but surely learning to stop them, but they still happen. Last night I went into to the grocery store when I got off work. A) I went to the grocery store instead of Taco Bell=yay B) I got pita chips instead of frozen pizza=yay C) I got fried chicken nuggets from the deli section and ate them all=boo. Want to hear something else that's kind of weird? My body has started to communicate with me. When I eat fried foods, too much pizza, nachos, etc. I get really bad heartburn and indigestion. As I was perusing the chip aisle, I actually felt the acid reflux sensation creep up my esophagus. Whoa!!! How crazy is that? So, I can think about bad food and my body can do that as a reminder? That's kind of cool. But, back to the nature at hand...I really do have to struggle every night when I get off work to resist eating late night crap. My schedule doesn't help. I work 1:30-10:30 and I try my hardest to eat normally. I eat breakfast early, have lunch noon-ish, snack, and eat dinner around 7/8. But, when I get off work at 10:30 I'm hungry again! And I can't go to sleep as soon as I get off work, I have to have plenty of time to decompress and settle down. I usually don't get to bed until around midnight. Hey- if you get off work at 5 do you want to go to bed at 6pm? Probably not. Until I conquer this thing, I continue to fear my inability to beat the cravings.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Snack Dance

At the first tv station I ever worked at, my good friend Tiffany and I would do the "happy snack dance" when we liked what we brought to eat. Sounds kinda silly, I know but it stuck with me. Here are some snacks that make me do the dance now:

These are awesome. Brown rice chips!

I feel like my co-workers are judging me because I am constantly snacking at work. I'm only eating good stuff, but I feel like when you're fat, people judge you no matter what you're eating! I love that my body is genuinely craving healthy food now. The girl that comes to take over my shift at night always brings in fast food. This is such a challenge for me and it's so annoying! Not her, me. I have struggled for so long now to not eat when I get off work, and smelling chicken fingers at 10:30 at night is hard to deal with!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Changing up my realm of Comfort Foods

Here are some of the replacement weekend foods I indulged in. We went to dinner saturday night for a belated birthday party for me. We went to Urban Flats, a really good pizza place. You know my weakness for pizza! I got baked chicken with veggies. It was pretty satisfying. Someone brought up the point that it was probably bathed in butter and not much healthier than the pizzas. I realize that, but it's all about the mindset for me. In my mind, I chose baked chicken over pizza. And to me, that's a win.

Waffles. Who doesn't love 'em? I love waffles and pancakes. I love them with peanut butter, slathered in full sugar maple syrup. When I wake up late and feel like just wallering around, nothing is better. Saturday morning I woke up late, my foot was hurting, I had to bail on zumba with my girls and I felt sad. My first thought was... Waffles! A good friend of mine got me a waffle maker for Christmas and I hadn't used it yet. I went to Harris Teeter to get some wheat mix, so I didn't concoct some sugary homemade mix. I was craving their super crunchy crisp romaine lettuce too for salads this week. Waffle change up... Wheat mix, fresh fruit, sugar free syrup.

Burger and fries. Do I even need to explain why this is a comfort food? Here we have a blackbean burger on whole wheat, minus the condiments and sweet potato fries, minus the salt. It was awesome!

Friday, February 3, 2012

This is Happening!

This is actually happening! Slowly and painstakelnly, but it IS happening. I woke up super late this morning and didn't have time to workout. I have been feeling guilty all day. I am actually excited about my next workout and how I can double time it. Last night on my dinner break I worked out in our station's fitness room with a coworker. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and we did some strength exercises (burpees and groiners). I am amazed that I can do 20 groiners with ease now (they're a P90x thing). I could barely do ten at the beginning. I am still on my break from P90x due to my foot and I can't wait to get back at it! My legs feel so much lighter. I very rarely drink sodas now and I am beginning to genuinely crave water. This morning, since I woke up so late, I did not have time to prepare a good lunch, so I decided to just stop and grab something on the way to work. I actually was annoyed that I was going to have to get fast food. I went to McDonald's and got a plain grilled chicken sandwich. I honestly did not want fries. I had the sandwich and a diet coke and I was full. These small changes in my mindset are really proving to me that I know I am actually doing this for real. My urge to binge is decreasing and I am enjoying working out. I just wish I could hurry up and get to my ideal weight! The "weighting" is killing me! I constantly look at women who are just a few pounds overweight and I get so angry at them! I think to myself, if I only needed to lose 20 pounds, this would be a breeze! When I think about how long this is going to take me and all the hardwork, I just don't understand how some women can even be a little overweight. I know that this is not healthy and I try to not let myself think like this, but it is so frustrating! But then again, I haven't even lost 20 pounds yet, so I guess I can't really say anything, huh? If 20 pounds was that easy lose, why has it taken me this long to just lose a couple?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Patting Yourself on the back can be Hazardous"

I borrowed this title from an excerpt in Tony Dungy and Nathan Whitaker's "Uncommon Life." If you haven't read their book, I highly suggest it. I am not a big book reader. I am a broadcast journalist, so my days are filled with reading and writing all day long. I love what I do, but when I'm home the last thing I want to do is read. This book is a daily read for me, because each day you only have to read one page, about five paragraphs. I can handle that! Each day they write about how to challenge yourself to be uncommon. Today they talk about Proverbs 27:2. "Let a stranger praise you, not your own mouth-a stranger, not your own lips." Tim Tebow was raised on a unique policy that I think really helps his greatness. His parents taught him and his brothers not to boast and brag about their accomplishments. Growing up they were only allowed to recap their athletic feats when asked. How genius was this of Mr. and Mrs. Tebow? Here's another quote, this one is by Dungy's high school football coach Dave Driscoll: "Talent is God-given, be thankful. Praise is man given, be humble. Conceit is self given, be careful." This devotion really hit home for me today because I plead the fifth about bragging. I want people to know how succesful and awesome I am. When I win a breaking news story, I want people to know it was ME! When I can finally fit into my clothes again, I want people to know about it! I look forward to running into work to tell folks the dress I have on used to be too small. Focusing on my wins and how I can brag about them makes me lose sight of what I'm really reaching for and can make me exaggerate and slip up. For example: yesterday, I was so excited to share my pictures with everyone and prove to the world that I am conquering this weight loss! I knew that I have lost some, so I allowed myself to overeat. I ate a cupcake at work just because they were there. I need to stay focused and concentrate more on the reasons behind my efforts. I am doing this for my health and for me. But don't worry, my blog babies... I am still going to be a posting fool! Just without all the posting boasting.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What a Difference a Month Makes

I told you I was going to weigh in on Feb 1st and weigh in I did. Ok, so the scale that I used on January 1st said I weighed 300 pounds. I got on my Wii fit and it said I weigh 322 pounds! Say what!!?? Someone is lying here... In other words, I have no idea how much weight I have lost. And I don't know which one is right. However, you can definitely tell in these pictures that I have lost some! Since I do not have a scale at my house, 322 pounds it is. Ugh. I guess that means I'll have to get more pebbles for my jar (see previous post). I am still nursing a wierd foot injury, so I did not do P90x2 today. I did some exercise on my Wii Fit instead. When I first started P90x2 I could tell that the balance part of Wii Fit helped me with some of Tony Horton's insane moves. When I did Wii Fit today I could tell that P90x2 helped me with some of the moves on there! They compliment each other well. The good news is that Wii Fit says my fitness age is 27, so that's cool since I just turned 28! :)
Want to hear some other cool news? I put on a size 20 dress today that was too small when I bought it! here it is:
Even though the scale says a nasty 322 pounds, I am excited because I have cheated a lot this month and to be honest, I really wasn't giving it 100%. Imagine what month 2 is going to be like when I do give it 100%! I am amazed at the results I'm seeing just from drinking a lot of water, staying away from fast food and exercising regularly. I am uber excited about this month and how many positive changes I can turn into new healthy habits.
Jan 1st:

Feb 1st:

Jan 1st:

Feb 1st:

Jan 1st:

Feb 1st:

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Feb 1st: