Thursday, March 28, 2013

Relaxing Stresses me Out, Apparently

Day 4 of Fitness Vacation

Whoa. I only have two full days left. Unbelievable how quickly this is going by.

Anyways, today is Thursday and I have lost 3 pounds since Sunday. This is awesome because I felt like I had gained! Our menu here has way more carbs than what I've been eating back home. You know I don't believe in really low carb diets, but I do try to watch them.

Anyways, the day started around 6:30 with a coffee crisis (see previous post). Then around 7:30 we biked over to the mess hall for breakfast. We had waffles today! Half of a wheat waffle with berry pesto instead of syrup. I added fruit and cottage cheese to meet my 300 calorie allowance.

8:30am was "dynamic treading." This was a cool class- we hopped on and off the treadmill to do sculpting exercises. The treadmills we used moved based on the pressure of our steps. At first it felt really wierd, but once I got used to it I liked it. After that we did outdoor sculpting at 9:30. The sun was actually showing its face and the class was awesome. It was just my mom and me, so that was fun.

Then at 10:30 we had a metabo meal, which was a banana for me.

At 11 i went to a lecture called " Mastering Motivation." This was pretty cool- she talked about the differences between external and internal motivation. External is the little stuff like fitting into a wedding dress, etc... Internal are more concrete. My internal motivators are: I want to be comfortable, confident, happy, I want to look and feel good, I want to inspire others, I want to be desirable, and I want to live long but die fast. These internal motivators are what really drive you to be your best. So how DO you stay motivated? This is my constant number one problem. I'm great while I'm up, but once I get down, I stay down and it takes an external motivator (like being a bridesmaid) to resurface my internal motivation. Since motivation is so fickle, you have to stay ahead of it. While you're up there look ahead to strategize how you can stay there. You have to get to the point where your behavior is aligned with your internal motivation. Weight follows behavior. Instead of focusing on stopping all your old behaviors, create new and fresh ones. People typically don't change until they're in great pain. Change before you feel the pain. Prevent it. When you binge, ask yourself why you did it. Learn what triggers you to repeat the same unhealthy mistskes. Think about what you're already a master at. Expand on your strengths. For me, it is planning. I'm a fantastic planner. I'll get better at it. I need to plan so efficiently it will be impossible to stray. Fix a period for goals instead of trying to change forever. Think that you CAN do anything for ONE day. "I would like to get through this day without overeating and I would like to put in a little exercise." What tickled me is that she talked about the "monkey chatter" that goes on in her head at restaurants. Remember the blog I wrote about the war in my head over ordering a grilled chicken salad? She addressed this exact issue, terming it "order envy." You've been there- you're out with friends, you make up your mind on the healthy option, then your twig bitch friend orders the fried heaven delight. It sounds so good, your willpower and your good choices take off running full speed straight out the back door. Then you're left there feeling like a failure and ridden with guilt as you enjoy your bad decision. How do you avoid this? Have a plan and stick to it. Look at the menu ahead of time and make your mind up without even opening the menu. Order first, then close your ears while everyone else orders if you have to. So what if they think you're insane. They would think you're even crazier if they knew what all was going on in your head after making the bad choice! Finally we ended with a personal vision statement. This is something to remind you everyday what was on your mind when you were up there, at your motivation high. I suggest you make one, too.

After that lecture we scooted over to lunch. We had bread! Glorious, crunchy bread. Turkey panini with veggie soup.

1:30 was meditation. At my health assesment the first day, one of the things my counselor suggested I do was to meditate. This came from me explaining how bored I am at night after work. I get off so late at night that my options to occupy my time are limited. This is when I binge. I've never meditated before, never really had any interest it. Seems a little strange to me. Those of you who know me well, you know I like noise. Come over to my house and it is far from quiet. I'll either have the windows open, listening to the sounds of the city, or the radio is on, or i'll pop a movie in. Silence is deafening to me. For example: it's 11pm right now and I have music playing and a fan going while I type this. I can't stand silence! This is why my counselor urged me to try meditation. So, i did. We got these cool mood dots to wear during the session. We put it on our arm and the point was for it to be all the way blue after the session. We meditated in the silent dark for 30 minutes and I hated every second. I was trying so hard to do it correctly! I couldn't focus. Everything I haven't thought about this week came rushing into my thoughts. The more I tried to push stuff out, the more stuff came in. After the session my dot was black! Clearly, I have found a big weakness. Relaxing stresses me out. I'm really trying to give this program my all, and I am going to believe in what they believe in. Meditation is a big component of a healthy lifestyle according to them. I'm really going to work on letting myself enjoy silence. Next I went to a 2pm lecture on Portion Control. Funny- as i was rushing to get there on time, frantically searching for a pen and paper, my mood dot turned blue, which is the top color, meaning stress-free.

At 3 we had a metabo meal (apple).

3:30: Aqua zumba, which was a little more slow paced than I would have liked, but it was till fun. br/>
4:30: Pool yoga. Ok, let's talk about this. Yoga. In the pool. Sounds cool, huh? It was about the dumbest situation I've ever been a part of. Warrior 3 in the pool! Where you can't keep your feet planted! Because you're in a pool... No thank you. We did do some cool stretches with the noodle, though that felt pretty good.

Dinner at 6. Seasame grilled chicken. This was delish.

After dinner my mom, Meredith, and I curled up at our villa and watched a movie. Then we ate our final metabo meal of the day, which was a rice cake and half a banana.

Oh, for those of you considering shipping me a coffee maker, we got one that's brand new! The front desk  delivered it to our villa today :) It's fresh out of the box! There's no possible way we can have issues with coffee in the morning! Well, here's hoping anyways!!

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