Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 3- Fitness Vacation

Well, day 3 is in the books! Today was my favorite so far. I started a little late because we were kayaking, and I didn't want to be too tired. Breakfast was at 8:30 and it was really good. Half of a wheat english muffin, poached egg and tomato and avocado relish. I was still hungry afterwards, so I grabbed a couple teaspoons of sugar free yogurt and strawberries.

9am was a quick tabata abs session. I liked this class because the tabata style reminded me of crossfit :).

9:30am: Fitball strength. This was a pretty fun class, it kind of worked it all. 10:30am was a metabo meal. I had an orange and some broccoli.

Funny side note: there was an alligator chillin' on the golf course today:

At 11am I went to an awesome lecture on emotional eating. I will write a separate blog about this one, too. The speaker was amazing.

Ok, lunch was pretty sweet. At noon we walked over to the dining hall to find a buffett! Since there are so many buffetts in the "real world," they want to teach us how to make the best choices. The trick is to go ahead and walk around the entire buffett first and decide what you want, that way you're not just piling on crap. So, here's how it worked: you had 300 calories to eat and everything was labeled. I fixed my plate and it was only 185 calories, so I went back and got seconds :)

1pm was KAYAKING! YAY! Omg, it was so fun. I haven't been kayaking in forever. So, I was freaking out about whether or not I was too big for the damn thing. I mean, I knew I wouldn't be, but I was still scared. Once I got in it and pushed off it was such a relief. I'm so tired of these fat fears consuming my time. Kayaking was a blast. The best part? There were dolphins! They were swimming so close to us it was surreal. Totally wasn't expecting to see dolphins. My mom is terrified of water above her head and she's never kayaked before. I was really proud of her for giving it a shot. And she had fun! When we got back to the spa it was time for a metabo meal. This time I had a handful of grapes.

The next class was "butts and guts" at 4:30. We were so exhausted that it was hard to do the movements! I'm definitely going to be sore tomorrow! After that class we ran back to the villa to get cleaned up for dinner. Dinner was salmon with asian bbq sauce with brown rice and snow peas. It was delicious.

After dinner we shuttled over to Harbour Town to watch the sunset. I was so jealous of all the folks out there drinking beer, eating fried seafood... But I quickly got over it. Thank goodness we had already eaten or I might have run away from fat camp right then and escaped to the bar! The sunset was absolutely beautiful.

We got back to camp around 8 and my mom and I broke down and had to get some coffee for the condo. It's so funny to me that of all the things I could be missing and craving, it's coffee. Not chocolate or fried food: coffee. We might have gone a little cray cray considering we only have 4 days left, but it's going to be awesome having that magic elixir when I wake up! We went to Fresh Market and ground FOUR different kinds of coffee! Haha. And you see that Tervis? I plan on filling it all the way to the rim and drinking every last drop!

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  1. I can't wait for the article on emotional eating!