Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Have you noticed that people hang out with people like them? I went to a friend's house the other day and every single person there was overweight. Like, realllly overweight. The food was all really unhealthy and everyone's plates were stuffed to the rim. It was not a group of friends i normally hang out with. Actually, that was my first time meeting everyone except the hosts. The whole party consisted of sitting on the couch and looking at the tv. It really got me thinking about who i associate with, what we do when we hang out, and what it means. I realized that i pretty much never hang out with overweight people. My main group of friends are actually The opposite of fat. They're all pretty thin and active. When we kick it, we're doing something active for the most part. Hanging out at the pool might not be considered as active as... hiking, per se, but at least it's not sitting on a couch. I looked back on what my thin friends do when we are chilling at a house. Never once has the tv been on. We'll cook outside, or at least hang out outside and listen to music. And when we eat, the food is usually pretty healthy and smaller in portion. For example: we cooked out sunday night. The burgers were slider sized and the side items were corn, salad and pasta. The only chips were tortillas for the hummus appetizer! I was shocked to learn that pretty much every single one of my good friends is thin. I'm always conscious of being the biggest person in a setting, buy I've never realized that it's always like that! I am proud of myself for unconsciously making the decision to hang out with folks that can be a positive influence! I like to think that I'm a skinny girl trapped in a fat girl's body. I say that because I love healthy food, I love exercising, and I love doing active things with people. Here was the cookout dinner:
Now, on to the weekend... My friend was in town and we ate and drank a lot! Saturday morning we got up and went for a long bike ride, then went shopping and ate grilled chicken sandwiches with fries at the mall. Then we got froyo. I opted to only top it with fruit. We had people over at the pool a little later: I drank vodka and diet coke instead of beer and snacked on watermelon. For dinner we ate broccoli chicken pasta. Then we went out and drank light beer at the bars. Sunday I made brunch. I cooked wheat bread pudding with arugula and chicken sausage and breakfast potatoes. Then sunday night we ate what you saw above. We also drank beer sunday night. I gained a whole pound this weekend! I am so glad I decided to start weighing everyday. It is really helping put everything in perspective for me. several people told me they could tell I've lost weight. Here are some pictures. Jan 1st of this year:

and here's me today, may 29:

Friday, May 25, 2012

What Really Matters

I saw this on Pinterest and I had to share it.
I don't mean to brag, but I have been a champion my whole life. I usually win everything that I set my mind on. That's just the way I am. I've got competitiveness in my blood. I've never been turned down for a job, I very rarely lose a tennis match, and I make it point to get what I want. That's why it was hard for me to be at the tail end of the triathlon. I kept telling myself that the goal was to just finish, but I have to admit that it has been bothering me. This picture shows that there are so many people out there just like me... running with baby steps until we can be the champions we were born to be. I really honestly think I have finally found what will make me lose weight and keep it off. I literally am baffled as to why I never thought of it before. I love racing. I am addicted to it now. There are 3 races this summer that I've committed to: a duathlon, a 5k and another triathlon. And until I am physically capable of being the speed champion, I will continue to compete with myself and get better every time.


Now that my triathlon is over, it's time to really buckle down and get this weight off. I want to be able to wear a bathing suit again at some point in my life! I have weighed every day for the last 3 days and I really do think that it is helping. I'm down 1.5 pounds from yesterday and I was 1.8 down the day before. I don't know healthy that is, but I've been eating enough and drinking tons of water. I have been a running fool, though. I am so loving running now that I finally got the hang of it. I know when to stop, which I think is the most important thing. After my 3.4 mile run the other day I knew it was time to trade in the tennis shoes. I am now using my new Brooks Ghost. I like them, but I think my Saucony Triumphs are my favorite. I will get those next time I need some new shoes. What are your favorite shoes? I really do think weighing everyday is good for me right now. I have such an addictive personality, that I don't think it will be a good long term practice, but for now it is holding me accountable and I like it. I also have been using my fitness pal religiously. I love it! i don't record my exercise until the end of the day because it adds calories to your daily allowance. I don't want to justify overeating. The point is to burn over more than you consume, after all. I love how supportive Wii Fit is lol:
I crafted some things for my house to keep me motivated. One is this quote board for my bathroom. There are all kinds of motivational sayings that inspire me:
I also found my favorite skinny pictures and made a collage with the saying: "A year from now, you'll wish you had started today." This is so very true. If I had a dollar for every time I said: "I can start over tomorrow!" I would be millionaire. I will fit back into a bikini, like before:
No, I don't expect to look exactly like I did in high school/beginning of college, but I can get close!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I made my own fannypack out of my old north face camera bag and an old belt. It's getting so hot outside that I have to carry water in one hand, but then i have no place for my phone! I usually carry my phone. One of my friends told me that once I started running I was going to get addicted. I think this is true! Yesterday I ran 2 miles and today I ran 3.4. Wait, what? 3.4 miles? That's right. I ran 3.4 miles today without stopping. NEVER EVER EVER in my ENTIRE life ever have I run that far without stopping. I've run a 5k, but I walked a lot of it. My pedometer app said that I ran 7 miles, but I measured it on my computer and that is clearly a lie. I use Noom and it works really well as long as you're on an actual road (I ran on a Greenway and it got confused). My feet started to hurt pretty badly as I was finishing up the run- glad I just bought some new running shoes! I'll be wearing those next time!

Monday, May 21, 2012

In it to Finish it!

OK, so I did it! I did the triathlon! I had 2 goals: 1)Finish 2)Don't Stop. And finish I did! It felt so good to cross that finish line. Now, I know you've all been wanting to know alllll about it, so here it goes from the beginning. I spent 2 months training diligently, completely consumed by this thing. I had a strict training schedule that I found online and about 3 weeks in I ditched that and made up my own plan. To be as big as I am, I am actually in pretty decent physical shape I determined. The swim part was 200 yards, which I had done loads of times in right at 5 minutes. The biking was 10 miles, which I had done a few times before, but as you know, I had some bicycle problems. Luckily my good friend Jason let me borrow his bike for the race. The running was 2 miles, which I accomplished a long time ago. The night before the race my mom came in town and we went to the packet pickup and informational session. It was so cool picking up my packet! It had my name on it and everything!
I was very relieved after the informational session, all of my petty little logistical questions were answered. Saturday morning came way too early and I could tell that I had not had enough sleep, only about 6 hours of sleep that night and about 2 the night before, due to my work schedule. So, by the time of the race, I had only had 8 hours of sleep the two nights before, combined, where I should have had 16! This made a huge difference, I could totally tell. Nevertheless, I was up and at 'em and ready to do this thing. This is me pre-race right after I set up my transition area:
There was a lot of waiting around before the race and I was just so ready to get started, but I'm glad we got there as early as we did, because parking was a beast. My race number was 343, but I got to move up in the swim line up because I was a 5 minute swimmer (because I had done it a million times in 5 minutes!). I jumped in the pool with the 200's. The water was freezing!! As soon as I pushed off the wall, I knew something was wrong. My body was in shock. I couldn't breathe. My breathing was so short that I couldn't put my head under water. I had to swim the whole thing with my head out of water! It was awful. I even had to slow down and do breast stroke because I felt like I was drowning with every splash of water that entered my mouth. I didn't give up though-- there were so many people that had to stop and grab onto the rope and stop to catch their breath. It was too early in the race for me give up on goal 2. After the swim, we had to run to the transition area so we could jump on our bikes. The shoes I bought for the bike were perfect, they slipped right on and were very supportive. The biking part was more difficult than I thought it was going to be. Thank God I had the bike I did, but mountain bikes are no good for racing. I thought that I had trained myself enough to at least hang with the other bikers, but everyone was just whizzing past me! There was one point where I was so tired of hearing "on your left!" that I legitimately wanted to scream: "I know, okay! Everyone's passing me!" But I refrained. With every person that passed me, I kept telling myself that the goal is to finish, the goal is to keep going. I learned a lot observing the other racers. One thing was that the bikers kept up their pace up hill. I slowed down sooo much with every hill (and there were tons of hills!). They all just kept on trucking. I need to learn to operate my gears so that the resistance stays somewhat consistent the whole time. Other bikers were so supportive, one woman said: "I'm proud of us!" another one said: "don't let this hill get ya!" Pretty much everyone that passed me said something encouraging. I love my new triathlon community! I was so ready for the run portion it wasn't even funny. Crazy that I would ever get excited about running, huh!? Here's me rounding the last corner on the bike and headed to the transition area for running:
Once I racked my bike, I clumsily put on socks and tennis shoes and headed to the beginning of the run course. I'm not going to lie, it was a little discouraging to see all the people loading up their cars as I was just beginning the running part! But I kept reminding myself of my goals. As I started to run, a guy yelled out "yeah number 343! You look great 343! Almost done! This is the last part!" Then several people started cheering and clapping for me. I forced my self to stop the tears of joy that wanted to shoot out of my eyeballs. There were so many people walking the course, which made me happy. They might have finished in less time than I did, but at least I could say that ran, not walked.
The run course was of course...drumroll... hilly! Luckily, downtown Nashville is full of hills, so I was prepared for it. Crossing the finish line was the absolute most amazing feeling I've ever had:
I was one of the last ones to finish the race, but I finished. I didn't stop. And those were the goals. When I crossed the finish line, hearing the announcer say: "Lori Hinkle from Nashville! Look at that big smile!!" was amazing. And she was right, I know my smile was huge. The tears finally came. I cried so hard when I finished. Now that I've completed a triathlon, I know I can do this thing. I can do this thing, on my own, and I won't let anyone or anything in my way. Post Race:
I finished the whole thing an hour and 53 minutes. The overall winners finished in under 1 hour, so now I know what to work towards. There's a triathlon in August that I'm going to do, and I am so excited! Now that I've done one, I think I'm addicted!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chicken Philly w/Havarti Cheese and Spinach

Yummmmo! Simmer spinach, bell pepper, red onion in olive oil until semi-tender. Add cooked chicken chunks and Cook on low to medium heat for 5mins. Toast wheat bread with Havarti cheese. Pile chicken mixture on bread and voila! I did not add any seasonings.


Ok, so I've been freaking out pretty much all week about this triathlon. It doesn't help that my Dad called me last night to express his concern about whether or not I'm healthy enough for this thing. My Mom has expressed concern too. #annoying I have learned how to pick up on by body's signals when I need to stop. For me, it's when the back of my eyelids get heavy and I start to get dizzy. That's when I know to stop or slow down. Por Ejemplo: last night my friend Lacey and I went running on our dinner break. We ran up a monster hill and I turned around right before I developed calf cramps. That was a good run, too. When we finished we thought we for sure went 2 miles, but it was inly 1.4!! Wth? This made me freak out some more because the run course Saturday is very hilly. Oh! Bike problem solved! My dear buddy Jason is letting me borrow his bike. I tested it yesterday and it is the most amazing bike in America. I biked 7.73 miles in 52 minutes! It glides up hills and it goes real fast. The seat and handlebars are uncomfortable bc it's a boy's bike, but I'm counting on the adrenaline to kick enough that I don't notice it. Now that it is right at race day, I have been worrying about all the little things that I never thought about until now. Mainly, it is the transitions that I'm concerned with. Thank God for Google image search! Here's how I plan it out: after swimming I slip on my new snazzy shoes:
then after the biking I will change into socks and running shoes. All the fancy triathletes have sock less shoes they can use for both, but I'll wait for that! I looked at all the times from last year's race and I got real encouraged. It looked like the average swim time was 7 mins. I can do it in 5!! The biking I'm at least 20 mins slower than the average, and running I'm around 10 mins behind. But, no worries my goal is to just finish this one! I'm also a little concerned about eating. Due to my schedule, I'm gonna be up way,earlier than I'm used to and I don't eat until after the time the race will be over! I don't want to eat so much I get sick, but I also don't want to get sick because I didn't eat enough! So many questions!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lori Lately

I apologize for not writing lately. I've had some big changes come up at work and I've been really busy. Tons of people have asked me why I haven't written in a while. I am humbled that my blog means so much to so many. I've had lots of thoughts recently that I've wanted to put in here. I'll start with yesterday. I went shopping for an outfit for my triathlon, which is this Saturday. I was so frustrated because I just could not find anything my size!! I'm going to have to just wear compression pants and a compression tank. It will be fine. So, my mountain bike is bunk at the moment. It needs new tires. I cannot make this investment at the moment, so it looks like I'm back to the old cruiser for the race Saturday. It'll be fine. I'm driving out to Lebanon in the morning to bike the whole course one last time. Then I'll just be swimming and running the rest of the week until the big day. I am so confused about what shoes I need to wear during the biking segment. I am not going to spend 200 bucks on the fancy triathlon shoes, but i can't wear my tennis shoes and socks because I'll be soaking wet, and clearly, I won't be able to run with soaking wet shoes. AGGHH!! I tried biking in crocs today but their soles are not near thick enough. What do I do?? I guess I should have been thinking about all of this long before the week of, huh? Oh well, it will all work out. I am actually just so ready to get this triathlon over it's not even funny. I am excited and super nervous. Remember a while back how I wrote about dark time junk eating? Check out this article I came across today... Very interesting read. I really am finally getting back to the old me that loves to workout. I hate that I have to be so uber careful though. There's the whole, i could blow a knee cap out, have a heart attack, thing ya know? I haven't weighed in a while, but I will after the triathlon. I don't want to weigh before hand. I have tons of folks tell me they can tell I've lost weight. I can only see a little bit of a difference in my face and legs.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two-a-Days Tuesday

I did two-a-days on Tuesday. I had an awesome run in the morning that consisted of some pretty wicked hills downtown Nashville. I clocked the run in my car the night before and it said it was two miles, but it felt like much more! Must have been the hills. On my dinner break at work I ran the stairs at Capitol Hill with some co-workers. These stairs are no joke! I ran them three times and then ran back to the station. It was a really good workout. Check out these bad boys:
I still get really nervous before I venture out on a run. My heart starts racing and I get a little anxious. I'm not sure why- I think it's because I'm so scared that something bad is going to happen. I pray for the smarts to know when to stop if I begin to get overexerted. I've started taking water with me as the days heat up. I ate really well yesterday and was under my calorie goal..until I got home from work. All of a sudden I was starving! I heated up a tv dinner pizza and ate it before bed :( Oh well, it was semi-healthy and definitely healthier than Taco Bell!