Monday, March 25, 2013

Fitness Spa Day One

It's finally here! I have been so excited about my "health retreat" for so long that I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen! So, what is this strange "vacation" I'm on? Basically, it is a week on an island with no access to food except for what they decide to feed us and a ton of exercising. My mom, our friend Meredith, and I stayed in Savannah Saturday night for a "last supper" and some free time before shipping off to camp Sunday. Yesterday morning we had a good breakfast then headed to Hilton Head Island. Of course we got distracted by a Mexican restaurant on the way and had to have a margarita... Oops. That was bad.

We finally made it to the health spa around 4, checked in, got oriented, and did a little exploring. It's exactly like a camp. We all have little backpacks and nametags were're supposed to wear.

We're staying in a villa that's really nice. We all have our own bedrooms and bathrooms, so there will be plenty of reflection time. Dinner last night was at 6 and it was really good- steak and veggies. Then we walked down to the beach for a sunset walk. Hilton Head is so pretty! There's Spanish Moss everywhere! Here are the 3 of us last night on the beach:

Then this morning is when all the fun began! 7am: Screenings and measurements (my favorite thing-ha!). 7:30am: Breakfast/Thermal Walk. Breakfast was really cool. Here's how it works: you have 300 calories you can eat, so you get to pick out what foods to eat. All the food is labeled with the caloric value and fat grams. This was fun.

After breakfast, lunch, and dinner we take a 15 "thermal walk" to get our digestive process going. The grounds here are so beautiful it doesn't even feel like exercising!
8:30am: Cardio Boxing 9:30am: Zumba 10:30am: Metabo Meal, which is basically any healthy snack you want that doesn't exceed 100 calories.

11am: Our first lecture. This was "Habits of Succesful Weight Managers." I actually learned a lot from it. The speaker explained all the habits that are consistent in people who have been able to keep the weight they lost off. It's all about knowing what kind of behavior that will be followed by weight loss. He wants us to focus on our behavior now instead of consuming ourselves with a big end result. Weight is the outcome, the immediate goal is behavior. Why focus so much on the behavior? Because it is so easy to get discouraged when you are constantly obsessing over a big end goal. In a caloric deficit, or while dieting, you must lose at some point, so focus on how to maintain that caloric deficit and how to keep going. Plan. Record. Seek Support. Get Enough Sleep. All sound simple enough, but are things we overlook. A goal without a plan is just a wish. The speaker had a great analogy that explains why I'm here. So many people wonder what the point in going to a week-long "fat camp" is, knowing that you're not going to lose a lot of weight and it ends so quickly. Think of it like this: athletes train before their sport season way harder than they do once the season starts. So this is my two-a-days so I can be ready to "play" when I get back home. After that lecture was lunch at Noon followed by a thermal walk. Again, all the food was labeled w/calories and fat grams. Lunch is supposed to have about 300 calories, too. Today was soup and a chipotle chicken salad.

Funny story: there's literally NO salt. ANYWHERE. Just pepper and Mrs. Dash. I honestly, would not have even noticed that if people weren't freaking out about it. The only time I use salt is when I'm cooking. I really doubt I would've noticed Mr. Stand Alone Pepper. Well, unless someone asked me to pass the s&p.

After lunch, a quick walk and then at 1 I had a health assesment with the fitness director. Here we went over the results of the screening this morning, what goals I have, etc... Besides my blood pressure and my gut, everything is really healthy. Well, not my weight- but you know what I mean. My cholesterol, glucose, and all that junk is good. He asked what I was wanting to get out of the week and I told him one word: control. I have never gone an entire week where I am not in control of what I eat. I have the exercise part down- I explained how I've been doing crossfit and turns out he's a crossfit coach here on the island! So, we talked about nutrition and he agrees that I am on the right track, doing the right things, just needing to learn to tell myself no. No to that late night snack, that 2nd drink at the bar (ok, or 3rd...), no to grazing just because it's there! He wants me to check my blood pressure again on Wednesday, just to see if it's gone down some. Ok, next. 2pm: Cooking Demonstration! There's a really fun kitchen here for cooking classes.

Today's demonstration was "sensational seafood." Chef Marvis made a really good lump crab and tomato soup that I will make soon. It was delicious! She also cooked a couple other dishes for us that were good, too. She was very knowledgeable about seafood and I learned a lot!! And we got handouts on how to buy fish at the market :)

Then at 3, you're supposed to grab another 100 calorie metabo meal, but we didn't because we had some seafood samples in cooking class. 3:30: This stupid "drums alive" class. Basically, you just beat on an exercise ball with drumsticks while you're jogging in place, grapevining,etc... it was pretty dumb. Then at 4:30: Bars, bands,.and bosus. This was a pretty good resistance class. I learned some cool new moves with the bands i can do at home when i get back. 5:30: Manager's reception. Here we had a quarter of a glass of red wine (seriously) and one bacon wrapped scallop (seriously- one). The scallop was really fresh and so good, though. I wanted more! Control. Then dinner was at 6. It was my favorite dish: shrimp and grits. And it was fantastic. Dinner is supposed be around... You guessed it: 300 calories. We did get a salad before, which you get to load up with "free" toppings.

Our villa is about a mile away from the spa, so we will be riding bikes to and from each morning and night. Did I mention it's gorgeous here? We're right on a golf course, so my mom and I went for a short bike ride tonight before retiring for the evening.

Then, at 8, you're supposed to eat another metabo meal, same thing- 100 calorie snack. I chose cottage cheese w/green tobasco, salt-free pepper mixture, a rice cake, and a cup of hot tea.

So, I think I'm really going to enjoy myself this week. The food is really good and there are definitely plenty of activities to do to keep me busy! Tomorrow I'm playing tennis and I cannot wait! Wednesday we're kayaking, Saturday we're hiking. The fitness classes are ok- it makes me miss crossfit! But, since we're literally working out all day, I think having this change of pace is a really good thing. Oh, did I mention my bed is kingsize and I have a jacuzzi tub and a walk in closet? Pretty sweet. I am so thankful to be here and I can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for us!

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  1. Yay! So excited for you Lori! You are going to do great and learn so much! I can't wait to read more!