Monday, January 28, 2013

Home Sweet Bored

So it's 11:20pm. I'm home from work. Have been for about 30 minutes now. I'm bored. Now is the time I usually want to eat. I mean, I am kind of hungry, but not hungry enough to where I really feel like I have to eat something. I ate dinner at 7pm- a little over 4 hours ago, so I guess it's pretty normal to be a little hungry. But since I have eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner today I will not eat anything. I should just go to bed, but now is my happy hour! I work 1:30-10:30pm everyday, so I'm not ready to go to bed at 11. Do you go to bed at 5:30pm- 30 minutes after you get off work? Didn't think so. But since I get off so late, I have nothing to do. Too late to call friends, don't want to go to a bar, too dark to go for a walk, stores are closed... So, naturally this is when I turn to food to entertain me. Wait, no- not naturally! How could that be natural? Food is not a hobby or a pasttime. Puzzles and books are. I am amazed at the progression of food and what we have turned it into. Honestly, at what point did food become more than just a survival ritual? Exactly what started the notion that food is more than an essential part of life? Last time I checked, cavemen didn't go on antelope hunting binges. If we had to actually hunt and kill each meal, or search for berries, we would only eat what we needed to survive, and squirrel the rest away. So I pose the question again: at what point in society did food become more than a means of survival? I understand the importance of making everything more efficient, but why do we humans have to go so over the damn top with everything? Look at other animals: they've been on this earth as long as we have, so why haven't they evolved into obese, diabetes-riden specimens? When's the last time you saw a zebra eating
an extra koala just because it had a bad day? (Do zebras eat koalas?) I know we can't say if other animals experience the same emotions as humans, but it seems like they don't. They are hardwired for survival. A friend of mine thinks that the refrigerator is the downfall. When we began to add genetically modified ingredients to nearly everything we consume and slap on preservatives to extend shelf lives, we basically gave mother nature a big 'ol crotch punch. There are so many delicious foods that are found in nature, why would we want food from a machine? When did this become a good idea? Nature is a smart woman, but we don't listen to her. Do you know what 3 of the rarest things found in nature are? Salt, fat, and SUGAR. If nature makes them hard to find, it's for a reason. Logic tells us that they are scarce in nature because they are not essential. But humans, being assholes, had to go and figure out how to make those 3 things readily available and in huge quantities. Does that make any sense at all?? Why is a candy bar- something that came out of a machine, at a million dollar factory- cheaper than a carrot, which came from dirt? So the manufactured and processed, sugar coated food is Cheaper than dirt? Hmmm...That's not making much sense to me on this late, boring Monday night.

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