Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Picture is Worth a Picture

Why is it that when you take a picture of yourself you're all like ooh I'm so pretty! Look at me! Feeling good!
Then someone else takes a picture of you and you're like ew! WTF! I didn't want all those chins in this picture. That's why I left them out of the other one!
Self Perception can be deadly. It probably almost killed me. Seriosuly. I went so many years thinking that I was big and beautiful and that people should just love me for who I am. I never stopped to think that my ignorance could literally kill me. If you know me well then you know that I love to dance. A lot. It's my favorite. Did you hear about the guy who had a heart attack and died after doing the gangnam style at a bar one night?
It's for real. Google it. This scared the shit out of me. I am totally one of those people who will get to drinking and be the life of the party but then fall out doing the cupid shuffle. I have had to be really open-minded to see how out of control I've let myself get so that I can grasp reality and do something about it. I've had a good week so far. I've been exercising my ass off and I've whipped up some pretty scrumptious healthy food. I just hope and pray that the momentum will keep going. A small compliment goes a long way. I changed my hair just a tiny bit and so many people at work noticed it and threw me a compliment. One of our anchors walked all the way over to my desk to tell me that I'm looking good and to keep up the good work. These small incentives should fuel me for a few days. Self-Perception should be positive, but not unrealistic. That's why I like pictures. They don't lie. I can lie to myself but it will only harm me. I need to get to the point where my self-perception is the ultimate balance between confidence and reality. I want to perceive that I'm healthy and look good and I want to have the body to prove it. This is why I will keep on snapping pictures and looking at their worth. I want my perception to be worthy of a picture snapped by someone other than me.

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