Monday, January 21, 2013

Fat Camp

I'm going to Fat Camp! I am so excited. Several people have told me I shouldn't call it fat camp because it has such a negative connotation and that it probably hurts my psyche. I disagree. I can call it a "health retreat" or a "health spa" all day long but... it's a fat camp. I think some people are more uncomfortable with talking about my weight with me than I am. Sometimes I get a little overpersonal and I can tell that it makes them a little squirmy. I am such an open person and talking out loud about stuff helps me more than anything else. By the way, I'm watching Biggest Loser out of the corner of my eye and I saw that they were doing some crossfit-esque type of exercises and it made me happy. I mean, c'mon- if Jillian Michaels believes in it, then it must be awesome, right?? OK, getting back on track..., so sometimes I don't know where to draw the line and I just talk and talk and talk without realizing that me sharing my deepest darkest secrets might not be the topic of conversation some people want to hear. I like calling it fat camp and therefore I will continue calling it fat camp. Sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable (love ya mean it). I am not ashamed that I am fat. I am aware of it and I am not proud of it, but I am not going to stand in a corner somewhere facing away from the world in hopes that I won't be noticed. Ok, sorry- one more thing about Biggest Loser- they are racing for a mile and I am so proud of all them. I know what an obstacle just one teensy little mile can be. Running is one of those unachievable activites that seems to be reserved for all the skinny minnies out there. I never thought that I would be able to run a few miles consistently and look at me- I did two triathlons last year! I am a better runner now at 300 pounds than I was at 150 pounds and a college cheerleader. These contestants are seriously crying on tv for crossing the finish line and I can so relate to that. I remember when I first started training for my tris last year: when I ran that first mile without stopping I boo-hooed like a little b%$#@! Ok, back to the nature at hand. Wait, what was it again? Oh yeah, fat camp. So, I'm going with my mom and my mom's best friend. We will have a cottage on the beach and each of us will have our own rooms. It's a whole week of getting up at sunrise and going all day long. There will be lectures, cooking classes, horseback riding, yoga and all sorts of fun healthy activities. We'll be meeting with nutrionists and trainers to develop a personal plan to take with us when we leave. I'm going the last week in March. I would really like to lose 20 pounds before then. One of my good friends and I hiked at Radnor Lake yesterday. I've hiked up Ganier Ridge a few times and I've always struggled with it big time (like having to stop and rest 3-4 times before reaching the top). Yesterday we made it to the top and I didn't have to stop at all! Little wins, one at time. By the way, Heavyweights is a great movie.

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