Friday, May 25, 2012


Now that my triathlon is over, it's time to really buckle down and get this weight off. I want to be able to wear a bathing suit again at some point in my life! I have weighed every day for the last 3 days and I really do think that it is helping. I'm down 1.5 pounds from yesterday and I was 1.8 down the day before. I don't know healthy that is, but I've been eating enough and drinking tons of water. I have been a running fool, though. I am so loving running now that I finally got the hang of it. I know when to stop, which I think is the most important thing. After my 3.4 mile run the other day I knew it was time to trade in the tennis shoes. I am now using my new Brooks Ghost. I like them, but I think my Saucony Triumphs are my favorite. I will get those next time I need some new shoes. What are your favorite shoes? I really do think weighing everyday is good for me right now. I have such an addictive personality, that I don't think it will be a good long term practice, but for now it is holding me accountable and I like it. I also have been using my fitness pal religiously. I love it! i don't record my exercise until the end of the day because it adds calories to your daily allowance. I don't want to justify overeating. The point is to burn over more than you consume, after all. I love how supportive Wii Fit is lol:
I crafted some things for my house to keep me motivated. One is this quote board for my bathroom. There are all kinds of motivational sayings that inspire me:
I also found my favorite skinny pictures and made a collage with the saying: "A year from now, you'll wish you had started today." This is so very true. If I had a dollar for every time I said: "I can start over tomorrow!" I would be millionaire. I will fit back into a bikini, like before:
No, I don't expect to look exactly like I did in high school/beginning of college, but I can get close!

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