Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I made my own fannypack out of my old north face camera bag and an old belt. It's getting so hot outside that I have to carry water in one hand, but then i have no place for my phone! I usually carry my phone. One of my friends told me that once I started running I was going to get addicted. I think this is true! Yesterday I ran 2 miles and today I ran 3.4. Wait, what? 3.4 miles? That's right. I ran 3.4 miles today without stopping. NEVER EVER EVER in my ENTIRE life ever have I run that far without stopping. I've run a 5k, but I walked a lot of it. My pedometer app said that I ran 7 miles, but I measured it on my computer and that is clearly a lie. I use Noom and it works really well as long as you're on an actual road (I ran on a Greenway and it got confused). My feet started to hurt pretty badly as I was finishing up the run- glad I just bought some new running shoes! I'll be wearing those next time!

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  1. Good job! I know you are going to continue to achieve your goals! Your optimism and dedication is so inspiring to so many of us.