Monday, May 14, 2012

Lori Lately

I apologize for not writing lately. I've had some big changes come up at work and I've been really busy. Tons of people have asked me why I haven't written in a while. I am humbled that my blog means so much to so many. I've had lots of thoughts recently that I've wanted to put in here. I'll start with yesterday. I went shopping for an outfit for my triathlon, which is this Saturday. I was so frustrated because I just could not find anything my size!! I'm going to have to just wear compression pants and a compression tank. It will be fine. So, my mountain bike is bunk at the moment. It needs new tires. I cannot make this investment at the moment, so it looks like I'm back to the old cruiser for the race Saturday. It'll be fine. I'm driving out to Lebanon in the morning to bike the whole course one last time. Then I'll just be swimming and running the rest of the week until the big day. I am so confused about what shoes I need to wear during the biking segment. I am not going to spend 200 bucks on the fancy triathlon shoes, but i can't wear my tennis shoes and socks because I'll be soaking wet, and clearly, I won't be able to run with soaking wet shoes. AGGHH!! I tried biking in crocs today but their soles are not near thick enough. What do I do?? I guess I should have been thinking about all of this long before the week of, huh? Oh well, it will all work out. I am actually just so ready to get this triathlon over it's not even funny. I am excited and super nervous. Remember a while back how I wrote about dark time junk eating? Check out this article I came across today... Very interesting read. I really am finally getting back to the old me that loves to workout. I hate that I have to be so uber careful though. There's the whole, i could blow a knee cap out, have a heart attack, thing ya know? I haven't weighed in a while, but I will after the triathlon. I don't want to weigh before hand. I have tons of folks tell me they can tell I've lost weight. I can only see a little bit of a difference in my face and legs.

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