Thursday, May 17, 2012


Ok, so I've been freaking out pretty much all week about this triathlon. It doesn't help that my Dad called me last night to express his concern about whether or not I'm healthy enough for this thing. My Mom has expressed concern too. #annoying I have learned how to pick up on by body's signals when I need to stop. For me, it's when the back of my eyelids get heavy and I start to get dizzy. That's when I know to stop or slow down. Por Ejemplo: last night my friend Lacey and I went running on our dinner break. We ran up a monster hill and I turned around right before I developed calf cramps. That was a good run, too. When we finished we thought we for sure went 2 miles, but it was inly 1.4!! Wth? This made me freak out some more because the run course Saturday is very hilly. Oh! Bike problem solved! My dear buddy Jason is letting me borrow his bike. I tested it yesterday and it is the most amazing bike in America. I biked 7.73 miles in 52 minutes! It glides up hills and it goes real fast. The seat and handlebars are uncomfortable bc it's a boy's bike, but I'm counting on the adrenaline to kick enough that I don't notice it. Now that it is right at race day, I have been worrying about all the little things that I never thought about until now. Mainly, it is the transitions that I'm concerned with. Thank God for Google image search! Here's how I plan it out: after swimming I slip on my new snazzy shoes:
then after the biking I will change into socks and running shoes. All the fancy triathletes have sock less shoes they can use for both, but I'll wait for that! I looked at all the times from last year's race and I got real encouraged. It looked like the average swim time was 7 mins. I can do it in 5!! The biking I'm at least 20 mins slower than the average, and running I'm around 10 mins behind. But, no worries my goal is to just finish this one! I'm also a little concerned about eating. Due to my schedule, I'm gonna be up way,earlier than I'm used to and I don't eat until after the time the race will be over! I don't want to eat so much I get sick, but I also don't want to get sick because I didn't eat enough! So many questions!

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