Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Have you noticed that people hang out with people like them? I went to a friend's house the other day and every single person there was overweight. Like, realllly overweight. The food was all really unhealthy and everyone's plates were stuffed to the rim. It was not a group of friends i normally hang out with. Actually, that was my first time meeting everyone except the hosts. The whole party consisted of sitting on the couch and looking at the tv. It really got me thinking about who i associate with, what we do when we hang out, and what it means. I realized that i pretty much never hang out with overweight people. My main group of friends are actually The opposite of fat. They're all pretty thin and active. When we kick it, we're doing something active for the most part. Hanging out at the pool might not be considered as active as... hiking, per se, but at least it's not sitting on a couch. I looked back on what my thin friends do when we are chilling at a house. Never once has the tv been on. We'll cook outside, or at least hang out outside and listen to music. And when we eat, the food is usually pretty healthy and smaller in portion. For example: we cooked out sunday night. The burgers were slider sized and the side items were corn, salad and pasta. The only chips were tortillas for the hummus appetizer! I was shocked to learn that pretty much every single one of my good friends is thin. I'm always conscious of being the biggest person in a setting, buy I've never realized that it's always like that! I am proud of myself for unconsciously making the decision to hang out with folks that can be a positive influence! I like to think that I'm a skinny girl trapped in a fat girl's body. I say that because I love healthy food, I love exercising, and I love doing active things with people. Here was the cookout dinner:
Now, on to the weekend... My friend was in town and we ate and drank a lot! Saturday morning we got up and went for a long bike ride, then went shopping and ate grilled chicken sandwiches with fries at the mall. Then we got froyo. I opted to only top it with fruit. We had people over at the pool a little later: I drank vodka and diet coke instead of beer and snacked on watermelon. For dinner we ate broccoli chicken pasta. Then we went out and drank light beer at the bars. Sunday I made brunch. I cooked wheat bread pudding with arugula and chicken sausage and breakfast potatoes. Then sunday night we ate what you saw above. We also drank beer sunday night. I gained a whole pound this weekend! I am so glad I decided to start weighing everyday. It is really helping put everything in perspective for me. several people told me they could tell I've lost weight. Here are some pictures. Jan 1st of this year:

and here's me today, may 29:

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