Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Monday

Can you think of a better way to start a Monday?
Neither can I! Down 5.1 pounds since my last log on!! I ran two miles today and it was good. I actually felt like I was jogging, instead of just a pitiful fast walk/limp. There are these steps by the river that are usually hard for me to get up and down while I'm running, but today they were not a challenge. Notice I didn't say easy? I picked up the pace a lot, but I still paced myself and controlled my breathing when I felt it getting short. As I was finishing up my first mile, some random man asked if I was drinking enough water! I answered him "yes" and he was like: "good, just wanting to make sure!" Who does he think he is!? Moving on... as I was finishing up the second mile, some random woman said: "you need to carry water with you if you're going to be out running!" I politely said "thank you" and kept going. At first, I was all like "who do these people think they are!? Do I look like I'm dying or something? Do they think I'm a child?" I felt fine; actually, I felt great! My pace was good, I wasn't breathing heavily and I was running lightly on my feet. But then it occurred to me that the lady had said: "when you're running." She did not say jogging. I couldn't help but smile :) I got home and looked in the mirror... no wonder these randos were telling me to drink water! I two had deep purple triangles under my eyes. Mu whole face and neck were as red as a tomato and I looked really rough. Back in high school my basketball coach would pull me out of the game because she thought I was too tired because my face was so red. My tennis coach used to yell at me to hydrate because my face was so red. It used to make me so mad! But now, it just makes me happy that I'm reaching that point in exercise that causes my face to get so red. I will make sure I'm hydrating enough, I promise! I got a little nauseous about an hour after my run. Wonder why?

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