Monday, March 26, 2012

Escaping Reality

My triathlon training began today! I am so pumped about this! I swam half a mile and it felt goooood. I could've kept going, but one of the downsides of living and working out downtown is those damn parking meters! I had to leave and feed the beast. There's just something about swimming that sets me free. I think I have finally found my workout niche. For some it's running, for some it's biking, but me... swimming. I am 100%confident about the swimming portion of the tri, semi-confident about the biking segment. It's the running that is giving me night sweats. I've never been a good runner. I've always been a better sprinter that an endurance runner. I ran about 50 yards on Saturday and thought I was going to pass out for sure. I have started a TRIVOLUTION!!! I've got several girlfriends that are all pumped about doing it with me. One friend actually told me that I am her idol. IDOL! When I asked her why she told me how proud she is of me and she is amazed that I am up for this challenge. All my skinny friends keep telling me that I would kick their ass in the race and I keep telling them that they're crazy. "Just wait 'till you see me attempting to run, then you'll see." I hear all the time from people that they are so impressed with my swimming skills. And to me, I keep thinking "wth are you talking about? I don't have any swimming skills!" Swimming just comes so easy for me. A guy I know asked me if I can do the butterfly and I was like "duh." He was impressed. I think I finally believe people when they tell me that I am a talented swimmer. So, I guess I found my escape from reality. Kenny Chesney's song "Reality" kept popping in my head while I was swimming today, especially the line: "everybody has their way to somehow escape." Here's the link to the song if you are clueless as to what I'm talking about:


  1. Lori,

    I have been following your blog since your very first post, and it is so inspiring! I love your honesty--that you share your triumphs as well as your shortcomings. Few of us are brave enough to be so transparent.

    I am so proud of you for committing to a triathlon--something that I have always been too afraid and too self-conscious to do myself. I don't feel confident swimming (so glad that you have that part down!), and I am worried about not being good enough, so I won't even try--pitiful, I know.

    For someone who has known you for a long time--however, not so much in the past 10 years--I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that you can not only preform well in the triathlon, but also achieve your weight loss and health goals as well.

    You have always been a strong, motivated person, and this is just one more chance for you to prove to yourself--and to others--what you are capable of.

    Best of luck with the triathlon, and I am pulling for you in all of your endeavors!


    1. Palmer,
      Thank you so much! This actually just made me tear up. I have always been inspired by your ability to control yourself and stay in shape. I know you could rock a triathlon if you gave it a shot :) I am amazed at how many folks read my blog and I am so grateful for all the support. Again, thank you so much and we should do something about how long it's been since we've seen each other! Next time I'm in town I'll let you know!