Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm Giving it a Tri!

This time last year I had started my training for a triathlon. I had one I was going to sign up for but then I moved. The mile I swam on Sunday has inspired me to start my training again. I actually found a mini triathlon I'm going to sign up for. It's in May. At work today I told a few folks about this and they were just amazed. These are the little things that keep me motivated and encouraged. I mapped out the bike trail and the running trail and I cannot wait to start training for it! It is a really miniature triathlon: 200 meter pool swim / 8.5 mi bike / 2 mi run. I am hoping to get this done in an hour and a half. I am a little worried about my bike and if I'll be able to make up the hills. One of them looks pretty nasty. My bike is a cruiser, so I have no gears! I'll give it a shot and here's hoping!

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