Thursday, March 8, 2012

900,000 Calories

A few blogs back I wrote about my "fattest moments." One of those moments was when I realized I developed obese eating habits. I described the first time I came home from work (i was a waitress) with to go food and ate the whole serving of potato skins in the comfort of my home. I worked at that restaurant for 8 years. One time as I was doing something on the computer I discovered how to calculate how many total hours I had worked for the company. It was about 9,000 hours. I actually worked more than that because there was a long time I was on salary and didn't clock in, but for the purposes of this blog we'll stick with 9,000. I ate a meal every shift I worked there. The average burger and fries has 1,290 calories, but there were many times where I ordered something healthy, but drank sodas, so I'm going to use 1,000 calories per meal. My shifts were 10 hours on average, so this means I worked about 900 shifts in 8 years. 900 shifts * 1,000 calories= 900,000 calories consumed just from what I ate at work during those 8 years. That's a pretty staggering number. I worked there from '03-'11. I don't even want to think about how many calories I've downed over the years from fast food, beer, sodas, etc...

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  1. I eat over 1.4 million calories a year 900 thousand isn't that much