Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Madness

This weekend did not set a good precedence for the rest of the month. I had a 3 day weekend and my best friend was in town. We ate really poorly and only exercised once (zumba). This coming weekend is St. Patty's Day and 2 other friends are coming to visit and then 2 other friends are visiting the next weekend. I'm not going to beat myself up about it, I'm just going to have to be really good the rest of this week. I can't completely deprive myself of eating and drinking what I want, but I can learn to control it. I'm already making big changes. I.E. I said I ate really poorly this weekend, right? Well, we did, but I did not eat anything fried all weekend and we cooked in the crock pot twice. It's amazing how much my definition of "bad foods" has changed. I'm coming back to this post to edit it...I forgot I did eat fried foods once. After a night out on the town Saturday night we went to Paradise Park Food stand. I honestly was not hungry and almost didn't order anything. Everyone I was with ordered food, so I did. I got a sandwich and cheese tots. I totally didn't even want it and was not hungry! I gave into peer pressure and caved. The fact that the thought of not ordering food was playing very loudly in my head is a sign to me that I am changing. #babysteps.

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