Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Learning to Like Breakfast

Something out of the norm happened to me this morning: I woke up hungry and I actually wanted breakfast! I have always hated eating in the mornings and usually don't eat until closer to noon-ish no matter how early I wake up. I usually eat so late at night that I'm just not hungry in the mornings. I'm trying to start eating earlier, and therefore, stop eating earlier as well. So far, I'm seeing some progress. I found out today that the reason I've been so sluggish in the mornings this week is that I'm getting sick :( I do not want to get sick at all, but that made me happy because I am so terrified of losing my mojo, that I was scared that this whole thing is begining to slip away from me. As I've shown you before, I fall off the wagon so easily! I cannot stop my new regime, not for one single second because I will fall. I've eaten pretty well today. I had some chips with my subway- which wasn't ideal, but they are my favorite! Ms. Vickie's kettle cooked jalapeno chips are the jam. I was hoping they would clear my sinuses a little bit. It worked for about... seven minutes. I'm doing really well drinking water. I've been drinking out of my Nalgeine bottle, which is 32 ounces. I've been averaging 3 refils of that a day. Tony Horton would be happy to know that I've only been drinking one cup of coffee a day. This is a huge feat for me. As far as the workouts go, my back has been hurting A LOT. Today is a P90x2 "rest day" so I think I'll do just that and then get back at it tomorrow. I've been getting so much support, which is keeping me going. I just can't wait until people can actually start seeing a difference!
Omlette with cheddar and spinach topped with organic salsa. Side of ruby red grapefruit.

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  1. That omlette looks absolutely ah-mazing!
    I can't wait to visit & burn cals with P90X. You are doing SO great!!