Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Got This!

I woke up feeling really sick this morning, I think I'm coming down with something funky for sure. When I woke up I just wanted to roll back over and sleep all day. I clicked on Rachael Ray (as I do every morning) and Jennifer Hudson was her guest! I love her! Jennifer was talking about her new book "I Got This" and her own weight loss journey. This inspired to get out of bed and work out. I ended up doing an hour and a half of P90x2! I did X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper. I was having to go very slow and at my own pace, but it sure felt good! I actually felt a little better afterwards. I told myself that I was going to have to make a decision: either be sick, lay in bed all day and call in to work, or get up and carry on with my day. No In-betweens. Annddd.... I even ate breakfast! I ate Greek yogurt, granola, banana and fresh squeezed lemon and grapefruit juice (see below). My back has not been hurting today (knock on wood); I spent a lot of time working my lower back on the foam roller this morning and I think it really helped. JHud has lost over 80 pounds and I just think she is such an inspiration. This whole thing is so big that it might take huge inspirations to keep me going every single day. The more I blog, more and more people are telling me that I am inspiring them. It is hard to believe that I am actually doing this! And being told that I'm inspiring others is just crazy to me right now. Usuallly by this point in my workout I have already given up and reverted back to my old ways. Last night I was really proud of myself because I refrained from eating junk food while I was out with some friends. They ordered some yummy looking cheese fries and chips and salsa. I wanted to eat some so bad, but I didn't. I have to walk this journey with blinders on. Eye on the prize. If I splurge, it takes me a long time to get back on track. I imagine an alcholic can relate. What is the point in having just one shot of whiskey/cheese fry? It is more of a tease than anything. It is better to just stay far away from the junk until I can truly learn to control my cravings. I am also learning to look at my fattest moments in a postive way instead of letting them drag me down. I had another fattest moment today at work; we had professional pictures made. I spent forever doing my make-up and fixing hair only to see the proofs and realize that I'm still obese no matter how pretty my hair and make-up looks. I just don't feel pretty at this size. I hate the way I look! Instead of dwelling over how fat I looked, I realized that the picture should inspire me, not get my down. Everytime I see my picture attached to my stories/tweets, it should remind me of what I'm working so hard for. And when I lose weight I can have a new picture taken! Look at JHud! Doesn't she look amazing?

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