Monday, June 17, 2013

Don't Give Up

We're all guilty of giving up on goals we set. We get bored, tired, forgetful, lazy, sad, mad... We part with all the motivation we once had. Those deadlines pass us by, leaving us wondering why we try. If we all do it, in unity, on opposite sides of the world, then we can all change. Together. A history teacher I had in college started her first day of class with the saying "there's nothing new under the sun." This is especially true of human nature. While we are adaptable, we have to really work hard on making changes that stick. Nothing we go through is new. There is someone else who has experienced the same struggles. In a way, I find this comforting. If there are millions of people out there struggling with food addiction, depression, forgetfulness, laziness, sadness, or anger in the same way I am, then there must be millions who have overcome it.

It amazes me at how many repeats I play over and over in my life. It seems like the same thing every time. I get upset about being fat. I swear I will change and I make a plan. I'm going, and I'm going hard. I lose a little. Then I fall off. I get back on, new plan, get upset, fall off... over and over again. I fall off the same way every time and each time I "solve" my problems in the same way. I eat the same comfort foods, I develop bad sleeping habits, I drink. OVER and OVER again. I never meet my goals. Where does the motivation go?

I am determined to keep going this time. I came across this saying on Pinterest today and it really hit home: "Don't give up on what you want most for what you want right now." This has me written alllll over it. I am the most compulsive person in America. I promise you. I NEVER think about the future and the side effects my actions right now will have on me. So, I broke it down into what I want most all the time and what I always end up wanting "right now."

Don't Give up on What You What Most:

Being Thin
•Long Life
•Cute Clothes (yes, this is one of them :)
•Being Comfortable

•For What You Want Right Now:

•Chinese Food
•Ice Cream
•Peanut Butter (don't judge)
•Fast Food 

If my "right now" always ends up being the same things over and over again, then it should be easy for me to start saying no. If I'm reaching for the phone to order a pizza I need to quickly realize that it is not conducive to meeting my long-term goals. Note the difference here: if I plan on ordering a pizza for dinner early on and it is not out  of compulsivity, then I can deal with that. It's those "gotta have it right now" moments that keep jamming my future up. The good thing is that "right now" quickly passes by and you can hit repeat to get back on the bandwagon. The bad? The future you have planned gets further and further away.

The most important thing is that we DON'T GIVE UP. No matter how long it takes us, we have to finish. Even if we are on repeat we must keep going. Even though it may not be clear right now, we learn something every time we try. 


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