Thursday, June 20, 2013

3 in a Row!

I will lose 5 pounds by June 28th. I am not getting on a scale until then. I want to see absolute proof that what I'm doing is working.

 Ok, so I weighed this past Friday (the 14th), realized I've actually GAINED five pounds, and made a plan to lose 5 in two weeks. 

The plan? NO eating anything after dinner. This means no eating out of boredom when I get home from work. Exercise. A lot. No alcohol. Drink only water, tea, coffee. No fried food. No fast food. 

It's been a week (well almost), so how am I doing? Pretty good. I drank light beer Sunday night. The Spurs game was on! Give me a break!! Lol. I've been exercising, but I can do more. It's been a week since I drank a soda. I literally don't remember the last time I had fried food or fast food. Repeat: I DON'T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I HAD FAST FOOD OR ANYTHING FRIED. It could be two weeks or three weeks- I haven't the slightest. Which means I haven't been paying that much attention to those things. Which means... they are losing importance to me. But the most important thing is that I haven't eaten anything after dinner for THREE DAYS! 

As a guy I work with said last night: "No eating after dinner? That's a no-brainer! Dinner is your last meal of the day. Done." I realize how hard it is for some people to understand the significance of this. But for me, this is a huge step. I have been emotionally eating for as long as I can remember. 

As I was lying in bed one night this week I realized that I was legitimately hungry. Not emotionally hungry, but good old fashioned, tummy growling, hungry. It was easy for me to tell myself no. It's amazing to me that it is harder for me to say no to emotional hunger than it is actual hunger! Doesn't make much sense does it? During the work day I can tell myself to wait to eat my afternoon snack, even when I am really hungry (tummy growling). But when I get bored at work and I want a snack from the vending machine it's like a world war happening into head to say no. Crazy, huh?

I figure that if I can get through this first week, next week will be a "no brainer!"

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  1. If you say it, you can do it. My first week of no sweets was easy. The second week was ROUGH, but I did it! If you say it, you can do it.