Thursday, June 20, 2013

Working Out at Home

I get it. Going to a gym is stressful. Especially when there are hot little twig bitches gloriously sweating all over the machines you cannot yet master. Sometimes working out at home is the best option. It was hot as hell today. I wanted to workout in shorts. No way in hell was I going to go out in public in shorts. So, I worked out in my living room. I blasted an Abba vinyl and went to town. And I gloriously sweated all over my laminate floors :).I added a few pictures of the ones that my words may not explain very well. Ignore all the wobbly bits of course :)

Here is an awesome at home workout that only takes 15 minutes. Do as many reps within the minute as you can.

•1-3: Alternate Running in place/Jumping Jacks

•3-6: Arms.

 Minute 3: Bicep curls with a band (stepping on it with one foot).

Minute 4: Tricep dips 
(use a chair/back of the couch, etc...)  

Minute 5: Push-ups

•6-9: Legs. 

Minute 6: Squats 
Minute 7: Lunges
Minute 8: Wall sit (do in 20 second intervals if you need to)

•9-12: Abs

Minute 9: Supermans with weights

Minute 10: Ab rolls with exercise ball

Minute 11: Planks. Do in 20 second intervals if you can't hold for a minute

•12-15: Cardio
Minute 12: Jump Rope as fast as you can
Minute 13: Do as many mountain climbers as you can
Minute 14: Do as many burpees as you can

Rest in between minutes if you need to. 


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