Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last Day of Fitness Vacation

Last day! So sad! I have really enjoyed this retreat. I am very pleased with everything I've learned. I would definitely recommend Hilton Head Health to anyone who thinks they might enjoy a "fitness vacation." The food is really good and the lectures were phenomenal.

Day 6 started with an early breakfast at 6:30 (yogurt and fruit) followed by a 5K! I ran the entire time without stopping. I've run that distance before, but never in an actual 5K. I am so proud of myself for being able to endure runs now. I have never considered myself as a person able to run without stopping. Even when I was a college cheerleader I had trouble running. Ok, so the picture of me in the red was March 2011 on the day I moved to Nashville. It was my first official 5K and I walked 80% of that race. I tried to run, but I just couldn't do it. Here is me in the green after I finished this one- I look the same, but I am in much better shape (how does that work!?). Remember the girl I was telling you about who lost 85 pounds on this program? She finished 2nd in her age group! That was so inspirational.

My trainer here on the island, Jeff, literally won the race! He is a model of health and does ironmans. He also coaches Crossfit! So you know we hit it off! I am so thankful for my friend Stacey, who got me to sign up for IronTribe when it opened in Nashville. It has literally changed my life. There is absolutely NO way in hell I would've been able to keep up with all the activities this week. I got to enjoy everything on the schedule PLUS the extra activities (tennis, kayaking, etc...) Everytime I told one of the trainers here that I do Crossfit I got a big high 5! There were these little baby kettlebells in one of the studios that I got a kick out of- i snapped a picture and sent it to my coach back home. He said I could juggle them! Lol.

One more thing about Crossfit... I have noticed that it has helped me face the realization that I CAN go strong until the end in everything I do. I don't know if that makes sense or not. I don't like how the instructors here don't count our reps during the workouts, I have grown used to knowing how much I have left.

After the 5K we headed back to the resort for our metabo meal (banana).

At 11 we attended a seminar on "hot topics in nutrition." The speaker addressed all the popular topics out there like 'gluten-free,' organic vs. non-organic and etc... The most interesting thing I learned in there was about gluten free and I realized out dumb it really is. The only people who should adhere to gluten free are those with Celiacs diaease. Gluten is the protein in wheat, barley, and rye. That gluten is what holds the breads, pastas, etc... together. So when you take gluten out of those pastas, or whatever, something else has to be ADDED to the processing of them! This tends to add fat and other bad shit to the food, that actually ends up making the food WORSE for your health. Mind blown. We talked about how companies jump on every diet bandwagon because we are so damn gullible. Quinoa and yogurt even say 'gluten free' when they never even had it to begin with! Brownie mixes say gluten free on them and we assume that means healthier without even glancing at the nutrition facts. God we are really dumb sometimes, aren't we?

Lunch was at noon and it was really good. We started off with a veggie puree soup and the meal was a shrimp and black bean tostada.
One of the best meals here.

At one we loaded up in the van and headed to Pinckney Island... For a 9 mile hike! This was awesome, but EXHAUSTING. By mile 6 my feet were burning like crazy. I've never hiked that far ever. And it was gorgeous! I absolutely loved the salt marshes. We did see a big ol alligator in one of the ponds and that was a liiiiittle scary. We had our afternoon metabo meal on the hike, which was a trail mix.

The hike pretty much wiped us out, so I took my time getting ready for dinner. We busted out of the resort so we could go to a nice restaurant. We went to The Old Fort Pub, which was right on the river and it was fabulous. The sun was setting and it was breathtaking. I got a Caesar salad with the dressing on the side so I could "dip and spear." The entree was rainbow trout, with sherry dill sauce on the side. Omg, it was fabulous. I really miss having access to fresh ocean fish. We got a cherry creme brulee dessert and I had two bites. I was perfectly satisfied after dinner and not full. I did have two glasses of wine, though... Oh well. After dinner I passed out around 9:30pm. Here are some pics at the restaurant.

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