Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 5- 6 pounds down

Six pounds down since Sunday! Wow. I know this is a lot in just 6 days, but that's what happens when you are exercising non-stop and only eating 1200 calories a day! I wish I could stay here for 3 months... one girl did and she lost 85 pounds! That would be so nice. The amazing thing is that I'm not as hungry as I thought I would be at the end of day. I am, but I know there's nothing I can do about it, so I focus my attention on something else (i.e. blogging :). Day 5 (Friday) was the toughest for me. By 5pm I was so hungry that I started to get a headache for the first time since I've been here. I was so grumpy!! I should have eaten an apple about 30 minutes before dinner because by 6pm I was at that unhealthy ravished state. It was not pleasant. Everyone was on my nerves so bad.

The day started with a late breakfast, about 8:30am. I had a buckwheat crepe with ricotta and berry filling. One baked egg on the side, a whole wheat piece of bread, and some fat free cream cheese. I got the bread and cream cheese because I had a feeling the crepe would be gross. And I was right. I liked the buckwheat, but the filling was no good. Ricotta is better in salty foods in my opinion.

At 9am we went to "beach boot camp." This was awesome! My favorite workout so far (besides the kayaking of course). It was 90 minutes of a lot of running and calisthenics. It was a great workout. The instructor had a lot of energy and was a great leader.

10:30: MetaboMeal (an orange)

11am: A lecture on the "Restaurant Game." This was a really good class. Like I've said before, I am very pleased with all of the fresh ideas I'm getting from this experience. At first when I thought about going to a lecture on eating healthy at restaurants, my thoughts were, ok, I'm going to hear a bunch of common sense stuff that everybody knows to do anyway: don't eat the bread, get the dressings and sauces on the side, skip dessert, etc... Duh. But, the speaker had a lot of really great information and it put a lot of things in perspective. First, he had us pick an entree off of McDonald's menu that we would normally order. So you might be thinking what I was: yeah, yeah, we all know it's crap and you can eat an entire day's worth of calories with literally no effort and in about 6 bites. But what really stunned me was the sodium! I mean, obviously you know it's going to have a lot, but it had more than the recommended daily value just in the meal! Then he handed us an Olive Garden menu and had us choose a meal we would order if we were there. It was truly appalling just to have the calories put in front of you. I thought back to how many times I've gone out recently and was just totally oblivious to how many calories I was consuming. It's mind blowing. Especially when you really step back and realize how many times a week you eat out. The average person eats out 6 times a week. This counts running to McDonald's for breakfast, grabbing a sub for lunch, and so on. Think about how many times you've just ordered a sandwich without paying any attention at all to how many calories are in it. That's the problem. We eat so much without having a CLUE as to what we're REALLY eating. The way to win the game is to just be conscious every meal and make smart decisions. If you're really serious about losing weight that is. If you are serious, you have to pay attention to how many calories you're consuming and how many you're burning off. It's that simple. Eating something with a low caloric density before dinner is something I'm going to start doing when I'm going to a restaurant. This way I don't get blown away by the smells and the atmosphere. I have to learn to really listen to my body's signals. Eat to be satisfied, NEVER stuffed. Of course, order dressings and sauces on the side. If you do this at every meal, you can EASILY save a couple hundred calories a DAY. A light beer is going to be around 150 calories, a glass of wine about 100. You HAVE to count this in. Anything that goes in is relevant. Some terms to avoid when ordering are: creamy, breaded, marinated, hollandaise, gravy, buttered... These pack on a very heavy caloric punch. Of course it tastes better with all that cream and butter, but being thin will taste even better :).

Lunch at Noon was wonderful. I have actually been craving red sauce, so a veggie pita pizza was perfect!

After lunch we rode our bikes down to the beach and chilled in the sand for about 30 minutes. It deinitely was not warm, but the sun was out and it wasn't too windy- it felt marvelous!

At 2 we went to another lecture, this time it was called "Staying on Track." I really learned a lot here, as well. This will have to be a separate entry as well. I promise I will get to all of these I'm putting off! I will just have to do it when I really have time to sit down and write.

At 3 we had a metabo meal, and I don't remember what I ate. Maybe a banana? Not sure.

Then at 3:30 we went to our 3rd lecture of the day called "Putting it all Together." This was for folks leaving camp this weekend and how you can apply everything you've learned this week to your daily routine. They showed us our indivudual RMRs and our recommended caloric intake values for weight loss and weight management. My caloric weight loss amount is 1600. I've been eating 1200 and I've been losing, so I'm a little skeptical to add 400 calories! Hey, maybe I'll drink 4 glasses of wine at the end of the day to meet it! Kidding...

Next: 4:30, "Absolutely Abs." This was a very low impact 25 minute ab class. By this time I was so exhausted and really was not giving that class 100%. I was so ready for bed I almost skipped it to take a nap! After this class my mom and I biked back to the villa to clean up and finally get the sand out of our hoo-hahs from 9am beach bootcamp! I was sooooo hungry and ready for dinner. This was the first time that I was starving by dinner time. Typically it's been lunch time where I feel the hungriest. I was grumpy as hell. After dinner I painted my nails and passed out at 8:30 pm! Well, I did have to get up at 5:30am for my 5k Saturday afterall... :) So, dinner Friday night was the "gourmet dinner" night. By gourmet they just meant it was a 4-course meal, that was all served to us. It was really good.
-Appetizer was "Avgolemono Soup" and it was the tits. Greek vegetable (grape leaves), rice, lemon and egg drop. (60 calories)
-Caesar Salad with a baked wheat crostini to break up instead of croutons. The dressing was a little watery, but it was good. I LOVE Caesar salads. I'd been craving one like crazy. (75 calories)
-Main entree was Herbed Ricotta and Chicken Stuffed Baked Manicotti. Tomato-basil sauce, mozzarella cheese, and broccolini. I loved this. The red sauce was so fresh. (400 calories)
-Dessert was awesome. Tiramisu. (160 calories)
Of course we didn't have wine, but we had Pellegrino with lime wedges, which was ALMOST as good (not even close...).

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