Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mama Said Knock You Out

Ok, so how have I been doing lately? Pretty good, I'd say. I wanted to order pizza when I got home friday night but I denied myself. I told myself that if I still wanted one in 24 hours I could splurge. I still wanted one, so I got a frozen chicken one yesterday; it did the trick and wasn't near as calorific. Now, let's talk about this triathlon bizz-nass. Yesterday I drove out to Lebanon, TN where the event will take place. I loaded up the bike to test the 10 mile "flat" bike course, as they have it listed online.

Ummm... Yeah, it's flat... IN COMPARISON TO MOUNT EVEREST! Definitely not flat by any means, and me and the cruiser both almost fell out a few times. I completed 6.2 miles of the course, but there were a few hills I had to walk up. Is this legal to do in the race if I need to? I need a bike with gears for sure. I timed myself swimming on friday and I can do the swimming segment (200 yards) in 5 minutes, which is good, because I'll be slow with the other two events. I jogged twice last week, both times only being able to jog half a mile without stopping. This morning I got up, fixed a hearty breakfast:

And decided I was going to run farther today. And I did. I walked one mile and jogged a whole mile without stopping! Something significant happened while I was jogging. A really overweight man was helping a disabled woman get in a car. I judged him. Me! The person, who just said in her last post, that people are mean because they judge others! As soon as I mentally bitch slapped myself, he handed me a knockout rose and told me to have a blessed day.

I will keep this flower as long as I can to remind myself how it feels when people judge me and to never make someone else feel that way. You never know, they could knock you out. It's better to knock people out with kindness!

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