Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Do Sweat It!

Let's be honest here, sweating is disgusting. It's smelly, it feels icky and it looks not cute. It has been a really long time since I sweated like I did today. My face was all red and splotchy- the way it used to be when I was in summer tennis tourneys back in high school. It felt so good. I was so proud that I looked icky, smelled bad and did not look cute! I tried to take a picture of myself, but it got deleted real quickly!! It was near 90 degrees today in Nashville and I went running around 11am. I was sweating and could feel my skin burning the minute I walked out the door. I walked a mile and jogged a mile. I can feel my speed picking up a little, even after just a few times of running. Well, I say running, but I can probably walk faster than the speed of my jog! My body cooled off a little quicker today too. I didn't have to take a freezing cold shower this time! I was still pretty hot for up to an hour after the run, but I can tell my body is handling it better. I didn't get the chance to exercise yesterday and I felt guilty all day. I love that the first thought when I wake up in the mornings now is exercise. I can feel it becoming a necessity to make daily routine. I woke up late today and a friend called, keeping me tied up longer than I needed to be. I almost didn't workout, but I forced myself to think about the options: exercise and not have time to dry hair? or: don't exercise, have time to fix hair, and mess up my routine and have to fight with myself for 2 days to get back in the zone. If I skip one day, it takes me 2-3 to get back into it. I chose to exercise. Yes, I've had a bad hair day today, but given the option, I'd rather have a million bad hair days than be fat for one day. I'm going to weigh myself soon, but I am terrified to do it. Even though I feel like I've gotten in better shape, I don't feel like I've lost any. I'm so scared of getting on the scale to see the number be up or the same. This causes me to sweat in a way that doesn't feel good! I don't want to get discouraged. For now, I'll just keep on sweating, the good kind!

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  1. Just remember when you weigh yourself that muscle weighs more than fat! And how you feel is way more important than the number on the scale. I think you are doing a wonderful thing and inspiring a lot of people on the way. =)