Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chocolate, Chafing and Consummation

Chocolate: I ate 3 oreos last night because they were offered to me right as I was leaving work. Why? Because I love chocolate? No. I don't even really like sweets that much. There were cupcakes at work allll day and I never even wanted one, why did I eat the oreos? Chafing: did you know yours arms can chafe? I didn't either. Never in my life have I even considered it. I'm uber conscious of what pants I have on when I exercise as to prevent leg chafing, but apparently i will have to think about my tops too. I wore a tank top today for my workout so I could get some sun on my snow white limbs. The arm holes are a little lower than what I usually wear. All of a sudden I realized my left arm felt a little tender. It was rubbing against my excess sports bra fat! Ew. And it was only my left one... wierd. Consummation: today I decided to fast forward my tri training a little bit. I biked 5.5 miles followed immediately by a 1 mile run. The biking today was a little tougher than usual. I'm not sure why- it's the same bikeway I use all the time, but I did it. I hopped off my bike and started to run and my legs felt like lead. I am pretty sure that my feet were never more than an inch of the ground. It was tough as shit to complete. I thought about stopping so many times, but I kept thinking to myself: what's the point in stopping? You've come this far! My calves were on FIRE at the half mile mark. I thought for sure they were either going to burst into flames or cramp up at the same time. As soon as i finished the mile I cooled for a 1/5th of a mile. My walking- It looked real funny i'm sure. Have you ever had to walk with a both legs? I was like Nelly two times! But, I did it and that's all that matters. AND I got all sweaty icky and smelly! 


  1. Every time I run I am thinking about stopping the entire time. It's a problem. Lol

    1. :) Every time I want to stop I envision being in the race- if I was at this point in the race... would I stop? Chances are- probably not, so keep going! :) We got this, girl!