Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pulling the Triggers

I spent the day pulling objects that trigger me to get down about my weight. I need to be surrounded by happy, healthy motivational things. One thing that triggers me is seeing those three little letters all over my closet. You know which ones I'm talking about: xxl. It seems like every hanger I own yells "you're a fattie" as I peruse through my closet...

I've had enough of that. Looky there, they come off!

A few chipped fingernails later, goodbye triggers:

Another thing that triggers ill emotions is the amount of space all my skinny clothes take up in my closet. I used to think that if my small clothes were in my line of sight it might be a nice reminder, but instead it pisses me off that I have so many clothes, but so few things I can actually fit in.
I pulled all my skinny clothes out of my closet for storage for now.

Since my journey is all about learning to adapt, form good habits and love who I am, I can't have things in my house that make me feel anything less than adequate.

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