Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Willpower! The Power to Say No!

Have you ever stared at a thin man or woman, wondering HOW do they have the willpower to say no? No! to that extra slice of pizza, No! to that cupcake? How have they trained themselves that there are consequences for eating crap? I have experienced the consequences but yet I still make really bad choices. Does that mean there's something wrong with me? How have these people managed to stay thin their entire lives? A coworker brought in a package of yummy looking cookies today. He walked around the newsroom offering them to everyone. I sat back and observed reactions to this grand cookie gesture. I did not see one single person turn them down (except for me of course). As I was second guessing my decision to say no, I watched expressions. As the cookies were presented in front of them, some lit up and were excited about the treats. Others had expressions that they know they shouldn't, but... one cookie won't harm anything. The most common reaction I observed was guilt. I could read their faces. If they didn't take a cookie they would feel bad for turning him down. Almost every single day some sort of food is brought into our office. And you know what? The food remains in the breakroom a lot longer than it does when people walk around and pass it out. So, what is the purpose of this entry? By golly, I have identified one of my reasons for mindless eating: guilt. No one wants to hurt a friend's feelings for turning their food down. From now on, I will remind myself of this eureka moment when food is passed around in front of me. Their hurt feelings will go away, but the cottage cheese on my butt won't as long as I can't say... NO! P.S. Just as I was about to hit publish, a coworker walked by with a plate and said: "would you like a piece of homemade nut roll?" Guess what I said?...

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