Wednesday, January 4, 2012

(Insert Hashtag Here)Frustration!

I am a firm believer that honesty is the best(damnit I caved into my fast food craving last night)..policy. I ate dinner really early at work because I was starving and I had already plowed through my snacks. I needed to go to wal-mart after work, instead of just fighting my hunger until I got home, I stopped at Sonic and got a fried chicken biscuit. Boo me. Ok, that one little boo is the only self-inflicted nose thump I will allow. Because! Believe it or not, I still made a better decision with that biscuit than I normally would have. Here's how/why: I have been craving a chicken biscuit for weeks. Yes, it was an impulse eating choice, but that craving has gone bye bye. For now anyways. Next: brace yourself, folks, here comes honesty! I wanted to order a combo with cheese tots and a soda so bad I could literally taste the 57% real processed cheese(not an actual nutrition fact claim, aforementioned statement was made for blog entertainment purposes only). So, what willpower did I achieve here? Even though I ate a buttery, flaky, fried piece of bad decision, I said NO to the binge. When I got home I ate a reasonably sized portion of my homemade broccoli soup. Today is a new day and I will not dwell over said biscuit, I will pat my self on the back, and continue to take babysteps in the right decision. #frustrationover


  1. Go Girl! I am trying to drop a few as all of my pants seem to be too tight after the holidays. Although all I have had meal wise is grilled chicken and salad for 2 days I may or may not have eaten a 1/2 bag of pizza goldfish for breakfast this morning...oops :)

  2. dude. you will totally burn that biscuit off in one p90x session. no worries.

  3. Pizza goldfish! YUM! ha. Thanks guys! And yes Beth, I did p90x this morning and I think that biscuit is long gone :)