Thursday, January 5, 2012

White Eggs Can't Jump!

But all that extra protein in egg whites can help you jump! Give me your egg white recipes. I'm on a kick. Jumping is such a good exercise. There's quite a bit of jumping in p90x and at first my knees were resisting it. It's amazing to me how many things I could do effortlessly as a kid. I could tear a jump rope contest up!

Egg White Omlette:
Sautee onion, healthy as it comes ham, mushrooms in olive oil until onions are tender. Whip mixture up with egg whites, a bit of milk and cheese. I threw some s and p in there for good measure. Spray pan with olive oil and cook omlette. I used to loooove omlettes with tons of cheese, sausage and salsa. So instead of loading it up with sugary salsa, I sliced up some tomatoes and fresh green onions and it was delisioso! Instead of a ginormous glass of juice, I ate a grapefruit. Choices.

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