Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Token

I think the best time to workout is when you just really don't wanna. My best friend is in town this weekend and I have worked out both days! I have had too much to drink and I have pretty much eaten like crap all weekend. I am going to have to learn self control when I go out with friends. Every single one of my girl friends is thin and in really good shape. I have really hot friends! I always feel like the "token" if you know what I mean... It is so frustrating to see them eat crap all the time and still stay thin! I actually have more endurance and energy than most of my thin, hot friends. Not fair, is it? But if wishing I had their body types worked, I wouldn't be writing this blog would I? It is such a deliberate process, learning to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. I am taking this very seriously and I will find what works for me. It is so hard for me to eat super healthy when I go to restaurants. I'm an amateur "foodie" so if I am spending my hard earned dollar bills on food outside my house I want it to be something incredible that I can learn a new recipe from. Who wants to spend $15 on an average grilled chicken breast? So frustrating! So maybe, what will help me, is to only go out to eat like once a month? As for the times in between, suck it up and order the $15 plate of ordinary. It will pay off in the end. That's what they say anyway. Saturday morning I made Meighan do p90x with me and she was shocked at how hard it is! While I was still warrior 3 kick-in ass, she was bent over gasping for air. Meighan is a runner and is tiny, so you can imagine how good it made me feel! She was very supportive and told me she was proud of how well I was doing! This morning, she woke up sore as hell and I felt great! So I did an hour and a half of yoga! While she took a nap lol. This week, I challenge myself to make eating decisions at every meal. Then on saturday, I'll give myself a token good for one splurge meal.

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  1. I really like this post, your honesty and openness is fabulous and precisely what it is going to take for you to change your eating choices. There are so many people who feel what you feel, but fear putting themselves out there!
    Love the token notion!