Thursday, January 12, 2012

Babysteps, baby differences

This picture of me in the orange tank top is me today

This grey tank top picture was taken two weeks ago

So, I know there's not a huge difference and you might not even be able to tell, but I have lost a little. These tank tops are the same size (xxl). When I put the orange one on this morning, I could tell it was a little looser in the stomach. Which, by the way, is where I can see a change in these pictures. Oh! I keep forgetting to tell you about a win I had over the weekend. I went to Old Navy to buy a dress for Saturday night. I usually have to buy an xxl from them. So, I picked up a cute ruffly dress that had xxl on the hanger. When I got home I realized it's an xl! And it fits great! :) baby differences that keep me going...

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