Friday, January 20, 2012

Learning New Habits with Tater Salad

Ok, so if you haven't figured out by now, I kind of like to cook. I'm single and I live by myself, so it can very hard to control what I eat at home. I like to cook more than one meal at a time so I can have leftovers, but then I just end up overeating. I'll go back for seconds and whoops! there go the leftovers... Along this journey I am constantly observing every move I make and having to learn new habits. A new-me habit I learned today is to immediately portion my leftovers into Tupperware. Throwing some aluminum foil over the dish and throwing it in the fridge makes it too easy to reach in and grab extra bites. Today, I made some red potato tater salad and portioned it as soon as it was concocted. Recipe: cut red potatoes into cubes, boil until cooked, drain. Pour drained potatoes back into hot pot, mix with pickle juice, chopped pickles, light mayo and mustard. Dash salt and pepper to taste. Very simple and decently healthy in moderation.

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