Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm Not Alone!

I am so glad I found this blog tonight: We have the same name (spelled differently) and I can relate to every single thing she posts! We both love cooking, we are both doing beachbody workouts and we face the same struggles. If you like my blog I strongly suggest you check hers out! But don't cheat on me too much! :) She struggles a lot with binge eating, as do I. I have been struggling the past two days with what I eat. I have really had to look at my goals and tell myself that every minute matters. Every decision affects this journey. The more slip ups I have, the further away I am from my goal weight. The reward feels so much better than the guilt.


  1. I looked at Lorrie's blog. Wow.. You two need to meet!

  2. Hi Lori! I really am excited for you. This will be the hardest and most rewarding experience in your life. YOu are literally waging war on your mind. This is a mind game. For so long we have trained our brains to eat when we are truly not hungry. We are literally rewiring our harddrive to think and taste differently. I will tell you that I have been ironclad for the last two months and after the first 30 days of incredible will and discipline, I changed my palate. I no longer binge eat and love my very small meals throughout the day. My taste buds now appreciate fruit and whole wheat toast with peanut butter. I support you one thousand percent. THis will be the fight of your life and for your life. I have been told by a couple of blogger friends of mine who have incredible habits and bodies that 3/4 of our weight problem is our diet and dieting habits and the other 1/4 is exercise. I know this to be true. My weight is really starting to melt off now. Dont get me wrong....I still think about a juicy hamburger now and then and let me tell you that was a binge food for me. I eat at subway a lot now and prefer it over anything. I eat light salads with a little chicken for dinner or soup and homemade bread.....very light dinners. I swim every morning and sometimes in teh evening. Be consistent in all that you do and your body will come back. I know you can do it! Why, you ask. Because YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY and don't let anyone or let anything let you think differently!