Monday, October 14, 2013

"Combo Nation"

We live in a "Combo Nation." It's a society where everything needs a better half, or it is cast aside as a lonely old hag (don't worry: this post isn't about my sad single life ;).
Burger + fries, coffee + creamer, sandwich + chips, soup + salad, steak + potatoes...
Cookies + Brownies

Wait. what? Who out there says I need a brownie to go with my cookie!? So much so that they need to be COMBINED!?
When I saw this in the store I literally gagged. Then I started thinking about all of the products out there that have "combined" junk food into one item. Has anybody thought for one second that might be... not good? We are so fat that we can't just be satisfied with plain chips, we have to have chips that taste like fried chicken? Or my personal favorite: hot dog chips.
Candy corn m & ms? Who feels the need for candy corn and m & ms so much that they have to be combined into one product?

Don't get me wrong here, I LOVE to jazz up my coffee with some delish creamer, but I just don't think I could put a girl scout cookie in it. Out of principle. Now, I did give into pumpkin spice latte creamer the other day, so it's not that much different is it? Oh wait. Yes it is, because Pumpkin Spice Latte is a COFFEE. Not a COOKIE.
Please don't think I'm discounting the value or taste of these products. I meant what I said- I've had those hot dog chips before. They were good!
I simply think it is disgusting that we crave junk food so much that we have to put it all in one place so we can shovel it in all at once.
Maybe Roald Dahl was a brilliant psychic. He obviously saw into the future.
Remember the Willy Wonka gum that gave you a full meal, dessert and all?
It wasn't all the way finished, so there was a slight glitch...

But I mean, I'm just sayin'...

I, for one, know that I find it hard to JUST order a sandwich. I feel that I HAVE to have chips to go with it. A Sub Club WITHOUT Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips? Who does that?
A burger WITHOUT fries? That's ghastly! Call my doctor if I order a steak without a potato.
There is nothing wrong with ordering sides with your meal... I just mean that we live in a culture where we always want more. We just can't seem to be satisfied with enough.
My challenge for you this week is to skip the sides. Let your burger fly solo this week. See how it goes. You might still feel hungry at first, but I guarantee you that after a while you won't miss the better halves.
You don't have to give up french fries and chips and candy corn chocolate, but if you give up the mentality that something always has to complement what you are eating, you might be in a better place.
I'm not a certified nutritionist or a clinical psychologist, but my gut (literally) tells me that I truly don't need hot dog stuffed crust pizza with a side of chicken breast onion rings.


  1. It's unfortunate but it's totally true. This is what consumerism has created. . .

  2. Awhh, I love that gum. But really, I agree with you. It's amazing what will happen for you waistline if you skip the fries with the burger or the chips with the sub.