Thursday, August 8, 2013

Plus Size Shopping

If you've ever gone plus-size shopping you will totally relate to this post. 

Because it SUCKS. 

•You are constantly running into "plus size sections" of stores that look like this:

REALLY?? THIS is your plus size section? Two ugly ass shirts and 1 ugly ass pair of pants? Like, why did you even advertise that you carry plus size? Ugh.

•Next: You see a super cute seer sucker dress that comes in a large variety of sizes... except large sizes:

•You feel so ashamed about shopping in the "woman" section...

Once I overheard a lady say: "Oh, wrong section. I must not be a 'woman' because I'm not plus size!" She sounded so offended, as if she's not a 'woman' because she isn't overweight. I could see that. But I'm not sure what wording would be better. Big and Tall definitely wouldn't go over well. 

•And this: You have to pay 2, 3, sometimes 4 times the amount as regular sized clothing for the same styles:

I was in a friend's wedding not too long ago and I literally had to pay TWICE as much for my bridesmaid dress as the other girls. For "extra fabric." And you know they force you to buy them in a bigger size, so I had to pay even more money to have it taken in! It ended up costing $300 while the other girls only had to pay around $200. Total bullshit. AND it was hideous.

I love to shop and I love to be fashionable. I am constantly getting compliments on my attire, doting on the fact that I know "how to dress for my size." Well, I'm not sure what that means, but if it includes wearing mainly cotton dresses and leggings to cover up my wobbly bits... then yeah! I do that well :) 
I am seriously SO tired of wearing frikin cotton! I want to wear something with buttons, or silk, or a-line!! ANYTHING other than stretchy material. Oh, and JEANS!!! Every pair I have is stretchy. How about tucking a shirt in? That would be nice to do (thank you, fupa). And belts? Only if they're empire waist! I swear, when I finally get this weight off, you will NEVER see me in a damn cotton dress ever again (unless it's just really super cute :). I am so tired of pilfering through my closet for what I can wear, instead of what I want to wear. I own approximately 87 tanks to wear under shirts to cover up anything that might pop out, 2 of every color legging, and more peplum dresses than any one person should ever possess.
Cotton dress central:


 All that being said, I got so excited when I went to Macy's today. Michael Kors has a plus size line there! And it was all so cute!!

It was so refreshing to find real, fashionable clothes that didn't include elastic waistbands, empire waists, and an overload of ruffles. I even found this adorable cotton Ralph Lauren nautical dress that made me high-five myself. 

I know that clothes are just things and that there are so many more important things that I should be worried about. I don't have diabetes, or any life-threatening disease... but looking good makes me feel good. And feeling good puts me in a good mood. And being in a good mood helps me focus on my goals. 
I ended up not buying anything today because I had a BIG, Plus-Size thought: It's going to be SO much fun shopping for skinny clothes! Why waste money now on clothes that (hopefully) will not fit in 2 months? Clothes are a reward for me. I will not reward myself with clothes. I don't deserve them right now. For so long I've rewarded myself with food or the occasional glass (bottle) of wine, I have lost sight of some of the things that ALSO make me happy: new clothes, mini weekend trips, mani/pedis, facials, etc...
From now on, whenever I feel the need to splurge on something that tastes yummy as a "reward," I will find something else to treat myself with.


  1. I think it's a good thing not to buy clothes when you are loosing weight, since they won't flatter you in a while anymore ;) It's good to save up the money so you can buy something really pretty when the job is finished. I have already planned what I will look like in November in my new pretty dress on my Birthday :))

    1. That's true! I hope you have a fabulous and pretty birthday!!!

  2. I'm in the same boat you are when it comes to clothes shopping. I often find myself going to the store to buy a cute outfit that I saw in a "plus size" magazine only to get there and realize that their plus sizes are a joke. I'm also not buying any new clothes right now because I know this isn't my final form and I want that excitement of buying new clothes when I'm skinny and hot!

  3. Its so hard to find plus size clothes over here in England. I usually buy them online but then you can never try them on until they are delivered :/

    1. That is so frustrating! I feel your pain.