Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Zig Zaggy

Today is Tuesday! Which means... you get more ZiggyTron3000 in your life! 
He LOVES the Purina Light and Healthy Dog Chow. I mean LOVES it. He went back for seconds this morning! He's been eating Incredibites his whole life so I was a little scared about moving to bigger bites. He has a tendency to gorge himself, which puts him in a lot of pain. Luckily that hasn't happened. So far so good! He was a little gassy the first few days, but that's gone away now.

My Dad came to town this weekend and he actually said that he can tell a noticeable difference in Ziggy! No lie. He said that he seems happier and that he seems to have more energy. Since I've been taking him on walks, he definitely does seem to want to play more. Makes me feel like a better mom to my little furbaby!!

As I was putting my exercise clothes and tennis shoes on he was going crazy about getting to go for a long walk.  He was zig zagging back and forth at the beginning trying to get me to walk faster he was so excited! I think he really overexerted himself in the first 10 minutes, though, because he was OVER IT at only 2,523 feet!  We didn't even make it to the spot where he stopped last time. He literally started jumping up on my leg like a 2 year old wanting me to pick him up. Last Tuesday he made it to 3,979 feet. The minute I gave in and turned us around he was tugging on the leash so hard I started running. So, we ran the whole way back! Ha! Jokes on him! :) He didn't seem as exhausted when we got back inside this week, though.

I've got a couple more weeks of tracking his progress- hopefully next week he will be in a little better shape!


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