Monday, July 15, 2013

Sugar Sucks

Robert Lustig, author of the book "Fat Chance," says that Americans consume DOUBLE the amount of fructose now than 30 years ago, and is up sixfold from a century ago! Sugar sucks, y'all. It goes to fat in a violent, disgusting way, and it seems inescapable in our environment. I love this advice from Lustig: "Eat only food that someone's grandmother would recognize as food." Check out this article in the Nashville City Paper on "Why We're Fat:" 

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  1. I like how the Nashville City Paper article touches on school lunches. My husband and I were actually talking about that the other day. School lunches in our day were so unhealthy (pizza, fries, fried chicken nuggets), yet we were told to eat them because it would help us do better in school. I think it was just a way for the school to make money because they knew pizza would sell better to a 12 year old then green beans would.