Monday, July 29, 2013

Grilled Corn with Chili BBQ Marinade

The grill:
I admit I have felt pretty intimidated by it in the past. There's smoke, fire, weird tools... 
And don't forget about the HUGE responsibility and understanding that you if you take on the role of grillmaster at a gathering you will NOT muck up everyone's lunch. Or subsequent good time for that matter! 
The grill has so much to offer and I have found it hard for me to muster up the courage to play with it.

Since I am a fierce competitor, my relationship with the grill unsurprisingly began as a challenge.
A friend of mine had a cookout recently (obviously, because in the south it's not a party without food). Usually the men take over the grill, but this friend of mine was a sorceress of the flames. As an only child, I shamefully admit I started to redden with jealousy over the compliments to the chef.  I can cook like her. What am I so afraid of?  It got me wondering why I don't take advantage of my grill. I mean, I cooked in a restaurant kitchen over a commercial grill 5 days a week for 7 years and loved it! 

It was time I tested my limits with the thrill of the grill!!!

Since I live in a condo, I have to share a grill with my neighbors, but it's a nice one and it's connected to a gas line. First things first, I invested in one of those weird tools I cautiously eye in the store:

Once I got comfortable with it, I started small. 
Grilled squash and zucchini, kabobs, burgers, and the like. 

Then some chicken with some local spices:

I was getting pretty used to this! In fact, I think my addictive personality might have me overdoing it a little bit. Can too much charred food be bad for you?? **shrugs shoulders.** It IS summer after all.

One of the many perks of working in television news is the freebies. Concert tickets, sporting events, home and garden show passes, corn... That's right: we did a story on the local corn industry and we all got to take some home. What was I going to do with it? Grill it of course! The result? Hands down, the best corn ever. 

Grilled Corn with Chili BBQ Marinade

The What:

•3 whole corn husks
•1/2 cup olive oil
•1/4 cup BBQ sauce
•2 tablespoons chili sauce
•1/2 teaspoon each of: cumin, coriander, garlic powder, salt, pepper, cayenne

The How:

• Peel husks back and discard the silk. Leave the stalk and the majority of the husk. 

 •Soak in cold water for about 30 minutes.
Whisk together the marinade ingredients.
Grill in husk for a few minutes on each side (this will help retain moisture).
•Peel husks back and coat with marinade with a brush.

•A lot of the husk may catch fire, but don't freak. It will burn to ash very quickly.
•Grill for about 5 minutes on each side. Slather that marinade on there liberally, use it all! Turn corn over several times. 
•Cook corn to your liking. I personally like it still a little firm, so definitely cook it longer if you want to!

If there's leftover marinade, feel free to bathe in it!
 (kidding, don't bathe in it. There's spicy stuff in there).

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