Monday, July 8, 2013

Back to the Grind

After a 5-day vacation hiatus, it is time to get back on my healthy regimen! Every 4th of July my closest friends and I pack up and head to the blue ridges of Georgia and raft the Ocoee.

 It's my favorite vacation of the year! 

It's so pretty out there and I absolutely love the thrill of potentially drowning as we paddle or die through the Olympic section of the river. No, seriously. I love it! I hate it when I get flipped out of the boat, but then I get over it. We typically are very active this trip and I usually end up losing a little weight. Our past times usually include: tennis, hiking, running, tubing, and of course: rafting. 

Well, this year, Mother Nature decided to rain on our parade. It literally rained EVERY SINGLE DAY.  For FIVE days straight :(. We made the most of it, but there ended up being a lot of eating, drinking, sleeping, sitting, eating, drinking...  We watched movies, played board games, lit fireworks (in the rain), and sat in the hot tub until our entire bodies were wrinkled. 

Most of the folks on this trip are really healthy and active so it's usually easy for me to follow in their footsteps and say no to all the temptation of snacking. I don't know if it was the rain, or what... But this year every last crumb of the cabin's "carb corner" as we call it got devoured! We plowed through like 20 bags of chips, ate a ton of burgers, and we were extremely American by drinking a lot of these:

At one point, we counted how many grams of carbs everybody had consumed in the first two days and it was something like 300!! But hey, it was vacation, right?

We got there Wednesday evening and I was determined to be good the whole trip. I had just worked SO hard to lose 10 pounds! We stopped at a gas station along the way there and we grabbed snacks for the ride: gummies, chocolate, other bad stuff, and soda. What happened to my motivation? Then you'll never guess what we ate for dinner weds night... Pizza! Real, carbalicious, cheesy, greasy... Pizza. But you know what? It did not even taste that good to me. I was honestly wishing I had one of my pita pizza recipes! So we drank that night, like we do... Got up the next morning and ate sausage, cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, bagels and cream cheese. Oh Lord Jesus. You would not believe the war that was happening in my belly. Every piece of crap I had consumed in the last 24 hours was hitting me with a vengeance. I had to exercise immediately. A few of us went for a little walk/jog in the rain and it felt so good. There were some righteous hills out there near the cabin, so it was a great workout.  This was definitely an "aha!" moment for me. Never before have I ever had a weak stomach. I have been able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, no tummy troubles here. Well, it's been so long since I've let myself eat like that, I just couldn't handle it! So as I was trekking up one of those hills, I decided to be good the rest of the trip. 

Yeah. That lasted about 2 seconds. It was the 4th of July! We started drinking, playing with fireworks, the grill master, Steve-O, was rocking out some yummy burgers and hot dogs... I couldn't refuse!

After the second day, my stomach was still a little rumbly, but it was getting used to all the crap. This is why my stomach had never gone on strike before... It was used to it! Isn't it crazy to think that we can actually make ourselves used to food that our body initially rejects? That really cannot be healthy. 

On Friday we tried to go tubing but the water was so high they wouldn't let us. So guess what we did? We drank. In a park. In the rain. It was a blast! 

Went back to the cabin... Ate again. 

Then finally, Saturday came around. The whole reason for the trip! Rafting! It was POURING down rain. Harder than it had rained the entire trip. The rafting company said rain or shine.. so off we went! Down the river while getting blasted with hard rain drops. You know the kind that actually hurts? And it was freezing!! Remember the 1996 Olympics in ATL? Well, portions of the Ocoee were used in those Olympics. That part of the river is rough on a sunny day. In the pouring rain it was pretty crazy. Once we got to the bottom of it, we had to pick up 2 folks who had been flipped and lost their raft. It was kind of scary seeing all the raft guides get worked up. When the guides are freaking out, you know it had to be bad! We were pulled over for a while making sure that all the other rafts were ok. Once all rafters were accounted for, we were able to take off again. One of the rapids had literally been washed out the water was so high! They cut the trip off at the halfway mark. This is the part where we walk the rafts down by the dam then hop on again. The water was rushing down the dam so hard it was flowing down the ramp we walk on! Looking at the water we usually raft at the bottom, we understood why they cut it off! It was intense!

After rafting we always eat dinner at "El Rio," the Mexican restaurant in downtown McCaysville, a few miles from the rafting company. I told myself to get fajitas without the tortillas, but I ended up eating a chimichanga and 19 pounds of chips. 

Went back to the cabin... Watched another movie, drank some more. By Sunday morning I was craving exercise and healthy food! So what did we do on the way home? Ate sonic for breakfast! Agh!!

I had an absolute amazing time with my friends, but I am shocked at how much I missed my new lifestyle. I have never experienced this before. I have never felt sick from bad food. And I have definitely never CRAVED exercise to make myself feel better. I am terrified to get on the scale, but I need to face the consequences from this weekend. Standby...

Just hopped on the scale: no weight gained! Not sure how that's possible, but now I can carry on with my week without feeling guilty anymore!!

I'm starting the week off with a 175 calorie open face breakfast sandwich: 3 tablespoons egg whites, onions, bell peppers, one slice of ham, and a wheat English muffin. 

I didn't go to crossfit this morning because I slept in, but I WILL be running on my break at work tonight. 

This week I will not eat anything after dinner, I will log all my food, exercise every day, no fried food, and I will not drink any alcohol. 

An official weigh in will be this Friday with my trainer. I'm nervous! 

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