Monday, May 6, 2013

French Toast with Raspberry Maple Amber Compote

The scene below from 40 Year Old Virgin is hilarious, but it's so true: sometimes you just want some $%^&*#$ FrAnch Toast! 

The other day I felt her sentiment exactly. I made some french toast and it was the jam. I remember when I learned how to make french toast- I was totally shocked at how easy it was and I never looked at bread and eggs the same way again. How can bread dipped in eggs turn into something so yummy?? It's a mystery only the food gods can answer. Every time I attend a Sunday Funday brunch, there's always someone who orders the french toast, but I just can't bring myself to order it in a public place. It has such appeal, but can be a calorie-ridden disappointment if the restaurant doesn't give this dish the care it deserves. Since I'm trying to be all healthy and what not,. my french toast had to get creative. Obviously, I couldn't slather it in butter, powdered sugar and syrup, so how could I make it sweet enough to satisfy me? Fruit. Sounds like a plan. 

So, what did I come up with? 315 Calorie French Toast with Raspberry Maple Amber Compote.

The What:

2 slices of wheat bread (50 cals each)
3 tablespoons of egg whites
1/4 cup dark maple amber syrup
3/4 cup raspberries (I used thawed berries I had in my freezer. This worked well because there was lots of juice. If you use fresh, you might need a little water added to the compote)
0 Calorie cooking Spray
Pinch of granualted sugar

The How:

•Heat skillet over medium heat
Soak bread in egg whites with skillet is heating
•Make sure skillet is sprayed well, cook bread about 2 minutes on each side, or until bread is firm. 
•In food processor mix raspberries, syrup, and sugar until thick syrup forms. 
•Split compote in half, top french toast with half of mixture and save the rest for next time!

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