Friday, April 12, 2013

Challenge Accepted!

A little over a month ago one of my co-workers asked if I wanted to help her head up a weight loss challenge at the office. Well hell yeah! I am not one to turn down the chance to win at something! Not that I'm a fierce competitor or anything ;). A few folks were interested and then just like that we had a competition! The challenge consisted of 6 weeks of encouraging each other while silently vowing to push everybody else out of the way of the prize (kidding, but I did win 55 buckaroos). We emailed each other constantly with fun inspirational quotes and sayings to keep the momentum up, and on Fridays we shared how we were going to stick to our goals over the weekend. On Monday we checked in with each other to see how we did. We had a wellness coach come in twice to give us good tips, and we bonded as we worked together to shed some pounds. I'm proud of everyone for being courageous enough to share how much they weighed with people they barely know, and making themselves vulnerable to defeat. In the end I won (19 pounds lost during the challenge), but the real prize is finding that I have amazing supportive co-workers who are willing to put themselves out there with me as we strive to get healthy. I don't plan on stopping the supportive emails just because the challenge is over.... and I learned that sometimes an unexpected support group is just a few desks and a couple of toplines away. We are in this together and that means more than anything.

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