Monday, February 18, 2013

Energy Bites

I really hope the name "energy bites" isn't copyrighted or something... Anywho, so I know that these are so last year and about 8,997 pins ago, but I finally made some of my own and they were absolutely delicious. And I am so sorry, I forgot to measure AGAIN! I promise to get better at that. Basically, I took 4 bags of trader joes oatmeal, a tablespoon (ish) of cinnamon, about the same amount of vanilla extract, and a couple dashes of all spice and mixed it all together.


Then I mixed in about 1 1/4 cups of melted crunchy peanut butter until a sticky blob of goo formed.

 Ball them up, cover, refrigerate, enjoy!!!


 I made the balls about an inch in circumference and eat 3 at a time. You can really do just about anything with these. Experiment. Truthfully, I should have added flax and chia seed to properly label them "energy bites," but I was out. You can do coconut, almond butter, honey, cranberries, raisins, the list is endless. Just make sure that all the ingredients you add don't have to be cooked or baked. You'll definitely want to refrigerate them before you eat.

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