Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Charming Post About a Toilet

I'll spare you the picture. ((You're welcome)) So... this happened to me once before in an old apartment of mine but I wrote it off as cheap hardware. The other day I was doing the porcelain duty and I heard something snap. Or pop, or break-- some sort of bad sound. Then I felt a pinch in my left hamstring. I finished the necessary business and realized that a small part of the toilet seat had cracked. I had a flashback to an old toilet of mine in Birmingham and it hit me: I am literally so fat that I break toilet seats. I mean, come on!!! The crack was in the same place as my old toilet. What the hell has my world come to that I let myself get so big that I have become a serial toilet breaker? Sometimes I really think that things like this happen as a serious reminder (because I will definitely have to look at this everyday). Sure, I'll replace it eventually- but if you know me, then you know that I am no handyman and I would probably end up accidentally replacing the shower head instead of the toilet seat-- not knowing the difference in the tools and hardware!

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