Monday, July 2, 2012

Not So Delicious Red Apple

I realized today that I don't like apples. I always buy them and take them to work with me as a snack, but never eat them. I see so many healthy people around me constantly munching on apples and it seems like they're such a good idea. For the longest time I thought they went to waste because of my adversity to healthy snacks. Glad I figured that out. I did two-a-days today. 45 minute bike ride before work and a one mile run on my dinner break. Yesterday (Sunday) I Jerry-rigged that mountain bike I bought a while ago and I think I love that bike now! I fixed it up with cable ties! Hey, if I had a handyman it might not look so ghetto, but that was the best I could do. I think it will work very well for my triathlon in August. Here are some pics I snapped yesterday:
I'm reading the book "Ada's Rules." I'll write more about it later, it deserves it's own post. I do want to give you a teaser, though. The author talks about all these different ways to lose weight and they all work for her. Her motto is to keep doing something different than what you've always done. This is me! I started to get a little too comfortable blogging, so I backed off a little bit and I'm back at it harder than ever! I am so ready for this weight to go away. My friend Lacey tells me I'm being too impatient, but I'm serious! It just won't go away. I'm back to weighing everyday- it helps. I'm down 5 pounds from a week ago :)

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