Monday, July 16, 2012

Soul Food

Lately I've been discovering what my "soul food" is. I know that most people think of fried chicken and mac and cheese when they think of soul food, but that's not my definition. In my opinion, soul food is good old fashioned home-cooked goodness that reminds you of home. I think of the food that I grew up eating and that takes me back to my roots. I remember steamed veggies, snapper, seared tuna, red potatoes, shrimp pasta, salmon and Greek salads. This is what soul food means to me. I don't know where I lost my love for soul food along the way, but I am enjoying getting it back. Here are some pics of the soul food I've been cooking lately. I stocked my fridge with all of my favorite soul foods and I have had so much fun cooking back to my roots! Veggies cooked in olive oil, grilled chicken and beans, wheat bagels with low-fat cream cheese (ok, so that's not really cooking, but I have learned that if I have groceries in my house that I love to splurge on, I don't go out and binge on restaurant food near as much!), Grilled cheese, turkey, tomato and avocado sandwiches, chicken sausage with fresh peppers and homemade sweet potato fries! P.S. I've lost 2 more pounds :)

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